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The Mages of the Gems [Part 3]

Note to Self: Finish Spyz, The War of the Elements, and Mages of the Gems. BElow are the ones copied from Louise's S Club Story.


Destroyed by water,

Strengthened by fire.
The mother of creation."

Name: Andrea Oakley
Personality: Lively, extroverted, and down-to-earth
Stone: Emerald
Powers: Control over earth, can talk to plants and freeze time
Stone’s Powers: cures scorpion/bee/snake bites/stings, blind snakes
Weapons: -
Pet: Perri – squirrel
Pet powers: ability to leap huge distances, mild earth
Notes: knows the most about magic
Andrea is happy and outgoing, but really stubborn and down-to-earth (her personality; her element. See the connection?!). She was brought up surrounded by magic, so she knows the most about the world of magic.

-Stone Setting: Earrings (if I remember correctly)


"A woman scorned hath no fury than a fire provoked."

Name: Jarda Corrae (JC) Skye
Personality: Cheerful, but also fiery and explosive, rough
Stone: Agate
Powers: Pyrokinesis, telekinesis
Stone’s Powers: can be used to divine for treasure, brings sound sleep and calm
Weapons: spiked mace, sword – Flameis
Pet: Kio – Black Wolf
Pet powers: Howl, super strength, mild fire
Notes: fiercest in battle
Skye, being the fiercest in battle, often acts on impulse, which isn’t so good. Often her friends have to hold her back. She is a true and loyal friend.

-Stone Setting: Wristband


"Peace! Be as water, cold, calm, flexible...
Yet as furious as fire."

Name: Ellyn Rivers
Personality: steadfast and loyal, down-to-earth, a little disobedient
Stone: Sapphire
Powers: Control over water, creates water-proof blue fires, can speak to water dwellers
Stone’s Powers: heals sight, relieves paralysis and epilepsy
Weapons: -
Pets: Stelleen – Water Hawk
Pet powers: ability to travel at high speeds, far sight, mild water
Notes: most sensible and hardy
Both she and Andrea are practical and straight-thinking, but Ellyn is much more sensible. Often it is she who advises the group, but she isn’t bossy. Sometimes she and Andrea get on the wrong side.

-Stone Setting: Cloak fastener.


Give your worries to the wind..."

Name: Shoe Westfern
Personality: quiet, imaginative, goes with the flow of the others
Stone: Hyalite Opal
Powers: control over air, can create shields, phase through solids
Stone’s Powers: invisibility, loses its glitter when it is near to poison
Weapons: -
Pets: Salome - dove
Pet powers: super speed, can turn into a living mist
Notes: Shoe is the Keeper of the Booke of Magic
Shoe is quiet and sensible, but her introverted nature causes her ideas to be swept away, lost in the sands. Liora in particular tries to bring her out. She and Skye lived in the town of Eroa, where they are rua-herdesses. Her grandmother is Una Westfern, the village wise-woman.

-Stone Setting: Headband


A good friend, but a deadly enemy.
Not even the most powerful of people
Can afford to get play with fire...
The force of destruction!"

Name: Alexandria ‘Lexa’ Field
Personality: finds anything girlish repulsive, loves to simmer to boiling point
Stone: Ruby
Powers: control over fire, can talk to rocks and minerals, empathic
Stone’s Powers: protects from plague, when danger is near grows darker
Weapons: sword - Trofast, bow
Pets: Prydwyn – Snow Deer
Pet powers: Weather control, colored snow
Notes: impulsive but logical
Alix is logical, but too bad her impulsiveness gets in the way of the logic. She keeps the gang going all the time. She and Liora are best friends.

-Stone Setting: Pendant




Name: Liora Ember
Personality: shy, scatterbrained, emotional, extremely fiery
Stone: Amber
Powers: control over fire (lesser), telepathic, great healing powers
Stone’s Powers: heals some diseases, cures minor ailments
Weapons: Sword- Spitfire
Pets: Arexal – Fire Falcon
Pet powers: super speed, fire
Notes: most gifted, but was brought up without magic
Liora’s powers hit their peak at sunset (amber is the sunset stone), so don’t provoke her, then. She loves to talk with Alix, who shares much in common with her. Liora, Alix and Skye are all of the Fire element. She was brought up in Alpenforde, a town that abhorred magic, but she turns out to be the most gifted.

-Stone Setting: Bracelet.

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