Sunday, 19 April 2009

An Interesting Person that I Chanced Upon

Well, this is another one of my English essays. As you can see, the title is "An Interesting Person that I Chanced Upon." When teach gave out the title, the whole class, me included, was stumped on what to write about. I mean, how do you define interesting? Spent ages thinking about it, and finally got the inspiration (after many failed attempts) on the day before the due date that got me an "Interesting and Well Written" comment from my teach. Without further ado, here we go.
An Interesting Person that I Chanced Upon

The train was about to pull away when I managed to slip in through the closing doors. Breathless from the run, I looked around the compartment, and managed to find a seat in the midst of the morning crowd. I hurried to claim it before anyone else did,

Leaning back, I said a silent prayer of relief. An aspiring author, I had been so engrossed typing away at my computer that I almost forgotten about the outing to the Paramore concert with my friends. As usual, I'd left things till the eleventh hour so I was in a bit of a rush as I hurriedly grabbed my bag and my new Canon camera, running all the way to the subway.

As I caught my breath, I glanced around me. A couple of men in suits, several old ladies gossiping over the latest episode of the Martha Stewart show...and her.

I narrowed my eyes. She looked to be thirteen or so, with brilliant auburn hair and sparkling blue eyes. Her legs were crossed, and she was looking out of the window in a dreamy stare. Sunbeams poured into the window and onto her hair, causing it to shimmer in a mystical sort of way. Unable to resist, I lifted my Canon camera, and silently took several frames. She didn't appear to notice, still lost in her thoughts.

Shifting in my seat, I tried to observe her as surreptitously as I could. There was something about her that kept drawing my eyes to her. My gaze dropped to the literature book on her lap, and I smiled silently. I was already starting a new story in my head, of a young girl with the fresh look of a model and the intellect of a college student.

As if feeling my stare, the girl turned around, looking at me squarely in the face. Just as I thought up several plausible excuses that could explain why I was staring at her ("Oh, no. I was just admiring the view.") she leaned forward and flashed a smile. 'Hi. I'm Lauren.'

A little relieved, I relaxed and introduced myself. When she learnt of my dreams to be an author, she grinned delightedly. It seemed that Lauren was also a fan of the action/adventure genre that I wrote about. Her pleasure increased when I informed her that I planned to use her as a muse for the main character in a story, if she didn't mind. She didn't.

Whipping out my notebook, I took down notes as Lauren spoke of her life. I was surprised to learn that she was confirmed to have an IQ of 177, and that, despite being thirteen, she was already in high school instead of junior high. Then again, maybe I wasn't so surprised after all. She did strike me as a smart type.

My conversation with Lauren was, to describe it in one word, fun. We spoke about everything, and Lauren gave me her views on various aspects. I found her to be a strong-willed and indepedant thinker, with a strong belief in the fact that she needed to make a significant difference in the world. I recalled knowing about a word used to describe people like these, but at that moment, I couldn't remember. I made a mental note to check it up later.

The train slowed to a stop. Lauren and I got up, walking out of the subway and up the escalators together until she turned left at a crossroad. There, we said our goodbyes, me promising to finish my novel, and she promising to read it when it came out. I stood where I was, watching as Lauren disappeared into the crow. At that moment, I smiled. Although our paths would never cross again, I would always remember Lauren as an interesting person that I chanced upon.

Trotting down the road to where my friends were supposed to wait for me to arrive, I stopped at a magazine stall to pick up a copy of Galaxie. Thumbing through the pages, I caught sight of a particular article. It was about my favourite actress Keira Knightley, but it was the background colour that caught my eye. It was a deep shade of indigo, and suddenly I realized who Lauren was.

An indigo child. I chuckled quietly to myself. Well, fancy that.

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