Monday, 28 June 2010

In Which I Was Enamoured With Prince Tus Than Prince Dastan

Yes, in case you didn't know, I prefer older brother Tus than Dastan from Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

Yep, went to watch it just now. Had a couple of free tickets so Dad and I went all the way to Mid Valley Megamall (Just because GSC 1 Utama is not on the list of GSCs where the ticket was applicable and the only one with PoP was MVM) to catch the 1.45pm show. Just in time, since we left the house at 12 something, reached at one pm, spent fifteen minutes searching for a parking spot, and by the time we were lining up it was almost one thirty.

Really, I forgot how much I hate lining up for tickets because the queue was absolutely long and it was seriously claustrophobic. Suddenly we heard over the loudspeaker: "All patrons who want to buy tickets for the following movies, please go to the Gold Counter." Then they rattled out a whole list of movies and I was waiting for them to say PoP: TSoT.

And then...

"....Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, normal..."

and I stopped listening, dashed off to the counter at the opposite end, following the footsteps of another guy in a white shirt. Unfortunately we ended up at the booking/reservations counter, where the guy kindly pointed us to the opposite direction. Whereupon I dashed over to the other side again, followed quickly by my dad (who later admitted that he hadn't been listening to the announcement and was just chasing me around) and got into line as I explained to dad what the announcement said.

Indeed, I think not many people were listening to the speaker because it took them quite a while (long enough for the earlier white shirt guy to dash behind us) to start exiting the queue and lining up behind our line.

As a result, we got our tickets with ten minutes to spare while the other people had to continue waiting.

Moral of the story? Listen to the announcements.

The movie was superb. The plot was quite decent, but Dad and I were watching it only for the parkour scenes. Seriously, I'm really keen to pick it up. It's a very decent sport. Besides, I always liked the idea of jumping around and running on rooftops. Sounds very....Zorro-ish.

Jake Gyllenhaal (?) was surprisingly OK as Dastan. The fighting/parkour scenes were cool, but must've been very taxing. I liked Prince Tus very much. So maybe I've got a thing for manly, warrior guys with longish hair. They look better with a long mane as scruffy, grimy warriors but they appear effeminine when they're in modern day tuxedoes and stuff right? Unless you tie it up and get a small beard and whatnot.

The only one I didn't like in the movie was Princess Tamina. Sure, her one-liners were witty (Thank you, scriptwriters) but there's something about her that bugs me quite a bit. And it's often a big disappointment where the script goes, "...And they say the Princess/Queen/High Priestess/etc is the most beautiful woman in the land" but when the actress appears, I get that sinking feeling in my stomach as my inner voice goes, Where's the beautiful princess?

Don't get me wrong; Gemma is a brilliant actress in her own right, I'm sure. She's just not one of my favourites, sorry.

Anyway, since we have 2 more free tickets (yes, guys. I have a total of 4 free tickets) Dad and I were planning to catch another movie tomorrow. Maybe Karate Kid? I don't particularly like Jaden Smith but I do like the fighting. Yes, this is a girl who actually like swords and blood and gore and stuff. Believe me, I seriously like Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (even though I haven't actually finished it yet - the beginning part was good enough to entice me in. Lend me, anyone?) even though my two male friends who'd watched the movie half-way said they had to stop due to the excessive amount of gore even in the first scene.

Hey, I'm not like other girls.

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