Friday, 5 November 2010

Red Light

Well, I'm currently munching roasted chestnuts in front of the laptop, feeling frustrated because I was supposed to do my Chem Unit 3B as well as my Stats homework and past year question, as well as study for my electric field test on Thursday, but I woke up late today to a really nice American breakfast of eggs, sausages and beans. Went out for lunch at this really nice curry fish head place, came back feeling exhausted, so I only did my Chem homework (not the 3B though) and promptly feel asleep.

Had every intention of waking up half an hour later, but really, I actually woke up 2 hours ago, at seven in the evening. Yep, shows you how exhausted I am. And since I woke up late, and no one made dinner, the chestnuts mentioned above became it. That and a small slice of brownie.

Throat is perpetually sore, and have to keep clearing my throat every now and then. Voice changed a bit, especially during the first couple of days, and since it hurts too much to talk then, it's become deeper by a hint, though it'll probably wear off once I'm healed.

And Malese Jow rocks! Anna from Vampire Diaries anyone? For male vamps, I support Team Damon, but for females, I got for Team ANNA! Seriously, they shouldn't have killed her off. Her single, Red Light is fair. Catchy, in a disco dance sort of way, but "You Left Me In The Air" strikes a chord with me better than Red Light. The latter has a catchier title though. So go listen!!!

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