Thursday, 6 March 2008

Just A Minute

Bwahahahah! Today I conquer the English Speaking Universe!!!!!!

Well actually no. It's been so long since I wrote.

Okay. Today my class stayed back for English. Then Pn Doreen said got oral prez. So everyone was like, 'Hey, you done yr oral oredi?' At first for oral I planned to do two topics: Alexander the Great and Greek Myths, wanna let the class choose which topic mah, interaction with class maybe more marks. Then finally settled on Greek Myths.

At first Pn Doreen called out Xian Yao, but he didn't prepare--he was trying to translate his 'Kesan Merokok' karangan into English. Swts. Then later she called Por Lyn and PL didn't prepare also...wait there crap something about her dad and herself. So Pn Doreen got quite angry and disappointed, started talking about what 4 Kemboja prepared so much better than us blah blah blah....And I was telling everyone and no one (well actually Jennifer) that I wanna go next coz the sooner I got it done with the better I'd feel.

So at the end of her speech she said dejectedly, 'Is there anyone who'd like to volunteer before I call out the numbers?' And I had my hand up and I was saying, 'THANK YOU! I was waiting for you to say that!' or something to that effect. And the whole class clapped as I walked to the front.

At first wanna refer to my paper and talk a couple different legends but then mind blanked out and I started telling the story of Zeus without looking at the paper. When it was done (over three minutes I think) Pn Doreen looked quite impressed and she said, 'How do you noe so much? Didi you memorize?' And I went 'Uh no, I'm a big fan and I was just winging it.' And she said to the class 'See when u like something very much it's easy to speak.'

Fast forward until second period when Pn Doreen said that we gotta share our class with 4 Angsana coz of a mix up in timetable to I shared my seat with Chiau Hui. Then Pn Doreen let us play a game called Just A Minute. We picked a number from 1 to 30 on the board and Pn Doreen gave us the topic. And u gotta talk about the topic without using the word 'a' as in 'a cat, a dog...'

Cempaka went first but didn't get the point. Neither did Angsana. After a few rounds May Wen called out my name and I went cursing to the board. I picked number 12 coz it was my birthday. The topic was 'Boys'. While everyone stood there I was pacing the room and I went. 'I do not have much experience with boys.' Everyone was whistling. 'But my friend Erina does.' More whistles, Erina was like, 'Wei!' I continued. 'She had plenty of experience with boys and many people admire her. Boys are generally taller than girls are puberty. They tend to play rough most of the time--'

And Jonathan the timekeeper said, '1 Minute oredi!' And Cempaka went, 'YEAH!' coz I scored a point. Raised my two hands in the air triumphantly Domino-style, hi-fived a lotta ppl and wnt back. Pn Doreen said I should be the only one to go to the next round coz I scored.

Second round. Now can't say 'a' and 'the'. Jonathan purposely lost by saying, 'Milo is a drink.' (Milo's his topic). Tot Angsana would catch up but surprisingly didn't. Then in the end Pn Doreen made me come out again for final round--playing against myself. This time I couldn't say the word 'And' either. 'A bit funny,' she said. 'You play against yourself.' 'Yalah teacher,' I protested. 'No need lah. Just let Cempaka win,' but no, gotta do it nonetheless.

Dunno which number to choose but someone called out SIX so chose six. Tajuk was National Service. So I was pacing around the classroom wondering what to say when Pn Doreen said, 'Hurry up.' So I began. 'One of my cousins was enlisted in National Service. She's very smart. She's very capable. She says National Service is fun. But I don't think so.' The whole class laughed. 'She was chosen as-' almost said 'the'. '--as.....ah......leader to...' almost said a bunch of people. ' People of Malaysia!' Raised my hand, was talking crap now. 'She loves National Service. She loves her country. She says it's very...err....very...'

Then Jonathan shouted. '1 MINUTE!'

So naturally the whole class exploded. Everyone was so freakin' impressed. Did the Domino-style raise again and hi-fived many ppl. Erina said she's so proud I said her name.

And that's the end.

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