Tuesday, 25 March 2008

A Mixture of Everything [Part 1]

Angel of darkness,
Angel of darkness,
The world is in your hand,
But I will fight until the end...
~Angel of Darkness, by Alex C feat. Yasmin K


It all began when Michael Hartz, one of Hollywood's most famous actors, met and fell in love with Petra Bristow, a young model-turned-journalist working at The Times. Despite objections from Michael's mother, Rebecca, who was also his manager, the two were married within two years.

Of course, it pissed Rebecca Hartz off to no end.

For several months after the marriage, Rebecca was utterly convinced that Petra was just one more of the gold diggers Michael used to date. The feud between mother and son over the daughter-in-law grew so great that in the end, Michael disowned Rebecca. She left, distraught, and abandoned her son to his fate.

Six months later, Rebecca sued Michael in court.

Why she sued was still a mystery, but what was known was that despite all the objections, Michael and Petra managed to invite a ray of sunshine into their lives, with the birth of their twins: a daughter, Petra Elizabeth Hartz, who was affectionately nicknamed Lizzy by her father, while her mother called her Domino, naming the child after her best friend in the modelling business, Dominique Van Lorenz, and a son, Allen Kirby Hartz, who was the younger sibling.

As a child Lizzy was vivacious and innocently carefree like most children did, but she never got the same type of freedom. Having been photographed since before she was even born (determined to make some money, her grandma Rebecca stole her and Allen's ultrasound pictures and sold them for a quarter of a million to the tabloids), Lizzy knew from a young age that she could and would never live the same life as other people.

Things took a turn for the worse when Petra passed away in a car crash.

Michael was distraught when his wife died, and the kids were passed to Rebecca to be raised until Michael "can get back on his feet", as Rebecca told the press. The three years with her grandmother was Lizzy's epitome of Hell, she later said. She was often ignored or worse, yelled at, and blamed for every little thing just because she looked like Petra, "the she-devil" as her grandmother used to say. At the time she was too young to understand what was going on, but as she grew wiser, she understood, and she swore to make Rebecca pay.

When Lizzy and Allen were eight, Michael remarried to Tara Myers, an actress he met on set. With his life in order, he invited his children back to stay with him. While Lizzy agreed that she loved her father more than anything in the world, she never forgave him for abandoning them.

The story begins twelve years later, when the twins are both in college....

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