Monday, 5 May 2008

Exams Are Coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We gotta study study study like mad! Because the exams are coming, coming coming like there's no end!

Ok lame song but it's true. Exams start tomorrow *gasp*<--got that from Riyal. When I told him I might be quitting add maths tuition he went, 'Gasp! I gasp in the name of ---' didn't get what he was talking about so yeah.

Typing this out on my dad's new laptop. 3 gigabyte--or is it megabyte? I get confused. Anyway, tomorrow's first test is Moral (stupid nilai to remember, say one wrong thing whole thing die) and BM 2 (the rumusan/tatabahasa/komsas. does komsas include novel or not?)

Then wednesday is add maths and english 2, thursday is the dreaded subjects physics and history. and guess what? we have to come on friday just to take the bloody subject Civics--which isn't even counted--and it has an ESSAY question. just stellar.

After this I gotta dash to physics tuition coz probably a lot of people is gonna show up for physics today (scroll up. the test is on wednesday, the next tuition is on thursday. connect the dots). so i gotta get there early to book my usual seat.

So sad Timmy isn't coming for my tuition. He's going the night one instead. : ( anyway, everyone's bloody stressed out over the whole exams thing (which lasts two weeks mind you) so we'll only be free on when--the 18th of May? Then 28th May is the Hillsong United concert. Thanks to Joseph who paid my ticket for me and God Bless Him in the exams.

Elaine was complaining the other day that I never update my blog anymore so yeah.

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