Saturday, 10 May 2008

Story Options

Angel Theory, Young Nocturnal, Celtic Dreams. Choose one. Or suggest one. I need a band name for my story. Ok after exams I'm gonna do an online story thingy on my blog. I can't decide if I'll do a story about girl who's a model and falls for a professional photographer or a girl who's the lead singer of a band or something like that who falls for her worst enemy. Or maybe a girl who's a football player/photographic journalist, something like that. If you don't like suggest something like plot and stuff. I'll post it and let you guys read.

Please note that if it's a band it'll comprise of all guys and one girl, like Paramore. (I like the band so sue me!)

Characters are:- if there are options choose the one you prefer.
Jackie 'Jax' Hartz/Elektra Stavros (20) --Wears a red scarf with white-blue snowflake motives.
Alexis Hartz/Stavros (20)
-Main characs. Jackie and Alexis are twins, but I can't decide if they are identical or fraternal. Alexis is older though.
Fitzwilliam 'Fitz' Driscoll (24)
-Plays Jackie's archenemy and later love interest. Note this is not a romance story it's more action/adventure but Erina 'suggested' that a little romance might be nice.
Seaian Graves (23)
-Alexis' LI, maybe?

Extra Characs
Ethan (21)
Ben (20)
Monty (20)
DJ (21)

Gwendolyn Myers
Elsa Moonstone
Hiroki 'McQ' Shinosuke
Ayumi Maki

So choose people I'm itching to do a story soon.

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