Sunday, 21 September 2008

The Helix Assignment [Part 9]

Ok people before I start, I'm gonna put this on hiatus for a while coz of the upcoming exams, but I promise to start it again when it's done. Btw, the telekinetic thief (formerly known as Drew Quincy, currently known as Edmund Darcy, is now changing his name to.........Jack Cedric Russell. Please ignore any other versions and simply replace them with Jack Russell.)

Hiro spat his milk out. Jen blinked as splatters of white liquid dropped onto her table while Pierce reached out a hand and pulled her plate of toast away to avoid the milk. 'Gosh, Hiro,' Aqua said, wrinkling her nose disgustedly. 'I know you're quite stunned, but there's no need to do that.' She grabbed some tissues and threw them at Hiro, who wiped the mess he made with a halfhearted gesture of "sorry".

Joye looked at Jen seriously. 'I didn't know you had a sister.'

Jen shrugged. 'She's my half-sister. I think she was about eleven years older than me. Mom doesn't really talk much about her. According to Dad, Carol was placed into boarding school in Switzerland. They haven't met since Christmas last year, which was the only time we've met personally. But she's super cool.' She shook her head in despair. 'I can't think of anyone that would do this to her. Who are these people?'

Elsa frowned. 'That's what we gonna find out.'

'Have I mention how much I hate dead bodies?' Aqua complained. Joye rolled her eyes. 'Not since two seconds ago. Gosh Aqua, what's the big deal? You're not the one touching it.'

Aqua snorted. 'Hello, remember the time we dissected Pau? It was so cute, and I wanted to keep it.'

'But you dissected it anyway, so who cares?' Elsa replied shortly. 'Besides, it's a frog! Get over it!' She heard Pierce call out her name. 'There. That's the morgue.' She pointed to a white building on her left. 'And there,' she turned ninety degrees, her hand still outstretched. Elsa followed her finger until they saw Caroline's apartment several blocks down.

'And Backstone Park, where she was found,' Pierce continued, pointing out the direction. 'And there,' she stopped suddenly. 'That's the alley where she was found, again. This time in the duffel bag.'

Elsa shrugged. 'You know what they say, divide and conquer. But problem is, there's only six of us.'

'Maybe I can help.'

Elsa recognized the voice instantly. 'Jack Russell.'

The gentleman thief smiled at her, this time wearing a sweater and jeans. 'Hello, Elsa.' He smiled at her companion. 'And you are?'

'None of your concern,' Pierce snapped back. 'So, this is the man you were after?'

Elsa inclined her head. 'Jack Russell, this is Pierce.'

'The pleasure is mine,' he said charmingly. Pierce's eyes flickered to him once. 'Unfortunately I can't say the same.'

Jack smiled. This one was cool, too cool. He had a feeling he'd enjoy ruffling her feathers. 'I've come to offer my help.'

'And why would you help us? If I remember correctly, you were against us.'

'Elsa, Elsa, ye of little faith. Can a man not change his ways once in a while?'

'Hey Pierce, what's that old adage about a leopard not changing his spots?'

Jack had to give it to her. She was tough. Pierce on the other hand, took a longer time to figure out. He decided to change direction. 'Look, Pierce, is it? The only reason why I'm helping is because in helping you, I help myself.

'The people who are doing this, they're obviously targeting mutants. Caroline Victor was the first mutant to fall. How many deaths do we need before the mutant world goes extinct? I don't know about you, but I don't want to end up Slushie like Ms Victor, God rest her soul. Are you willing to join forces? If not, I can always go solo. But sticking together in times like this fares better. So what say you?'

Elsa and Pierce exchanged looks. 'Fine,' Elsa finally spoke. Pierce hadn't said a word. Then her eyes shifted behind him, and Jack swung around as Aqua came running. Her eyes widened initially at Jack's presence, but ignored it as she turned to Elsa. 'You guys gotta come quick.'


'There's been another murder,' Aqua panted breathlessly. 'This time, it's a kid around our age. His name is Jonathan Hewley.'

Pierce stiffened. 'God help us,' she muttered.

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