Friday, 26 September 2008

"There's an Angel on my shoulder looking after me..."

Friday. 26th of September, 2008.
It should've been a happy day. It was the beginning of a one-week holiday, two weeks after which were the end year exams. But then, my dog died.

Yes, my very adorable Angel girl. A Golden-Retriever and Cocker Spaniel mixed dog, she came to us about five years ago, given by our opposite house neighbour. That time the biggest decision we had to make was what to name the dog: Angel (sis's choice) or Frisky (mine). She had been hiding under the couch, so we each threw out our names at her. She came out when sis called Angel, probably because it rhymed with Girl. (Somehow, Malaysian speak lah).

Earlier in school today, I was being super moody (dunno why) and everyone commented, asking why I looked so sad, and I went, 'No I'm not! What made you think that?'

But today, I came home, had lunch, and Dad said that Angel had a huge gaping wound on her chest. I wasn't really that shocked. She had several lumps on her chest, and caught maggot infection for quite a while already. After lunch Dad called the vet and got me to help him get Angel to the vet's office, which was in Section 14.

We pushed the front passenger seat forward, and laid a huge plastic sheet and newspapers on the space/floor so she could sit there and not get the car dirty (she was bleeding, mind you). We had the windows down, and Angel was evidentally enjoying the ride.
Then at the vet's office, they told us she had breast cancer, and it was a call between putting her down or giving her medication, which will treat the maggot infection but not the cancer, and that she only had 6-8 months more to live.

2. 45 pm. Went back out into the lobby, Dad called Mom and Sis who were at home, and decided to put her to sleep, and then I started crying.

The vet took us to the back room (when they diagnosed her they muzzled her and put her on a metal table but she didn't bark or anything; then they put her in the back room where there were a few dogs as well) and Dad and I patted her and I was crying at the same time. They explained that they will feed her, slip her a couple of sleeping pills and give her the injection when she's asleep. And I looked at her and she looked so sad, like she know her time was almost up.

Then Dad paid the vet for putting her to sleep (RM 100) and to dispose of her body (RM 180, depending on body weight). And we took her leash, and went home, and I was crying all the way. That was almost 3 o'clock.

Showered and got ready for chemistry tuition. Then remembered that we wanted her collar (that had her license and little dog bones on it) so Dad dropped me off at tuition and went to pick up the collar. By then they'd already done it. Went back home. And the whole family cried. I couldn't stop crying.

Goodbye, sweet Angel girl. My first brush with death. But at least she's now with God in a better place. There's an Angel on my shoulder looking after me...and that Angel is you.

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GossipGirl***sushigurL freak said...

aw...i feel like tearing la!!!!!
i miss angel girl too!!!!
she was the best dog ever!!!
should give her the"best dog of the year" award.....
*sob*....sooo sorryyyyy..
we really missed her...
to our angel..