Thursday, 13 November 2008


Hello people. Sorry haven't posted anything lately. Got a bit of writer's block. Yeah. So now I'm in a bit of a fix, yeah, should I put this? Okay, my main story is about three girls, Sam, Danika and Lauren--all in their late teens, early twenties, kinda like college kids, yeah--who were recruited to join MIA [Ministry of Internal Affairs], which is a underground, covert sub-branch of the CIA. Like the female version 0f James Bond, only minus the racy innuendo and more action.

The girls form a team with Daniel and Brodie, the former their best friend from school; the latter a newbie who'd just joined their team. Later two other men--Nate and Chris--joins the team and off they go to save the day and all that.

Here's the problem:
1. I can't seem to find a suitable title for the story. I thought of "Code X--The Beginning" since Code X is the name of their team. But then I thought of just titling the book MIA since that is the agency they are working for. Or maybe even, "Of Spies and Lies". Sounds catchy huh?

2. At first Lauren's name was Taylor Ashford, but then Louise didn't like Taylor as a name (reminded her of a tailor) so I changed it to Lauren, a name I also liked very much, especially since we share the same nickname Elle. So since we changed her first name, I'm wondering if we should change her surname as well.

At first thought of making her half French (blame it on Take the Lead) and giving her the name Lauren Deschanel. But then it's a bit wordy and then I thought of Lauren Shepard, or Lauren Pierce which I've used before in the mutant story and which I think is super snappy. And then I thought of Lauren Fox, you know like Sydney Fox in Relic Hunter, but then I wanted something British and Fox sounds a little too American.

So help me, what title should I put for the story, and should I change Lauren's surname or keep it at Ashford?

All suggestions are welcomed.

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