Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Rogue Spy? NOT....

Ok people if you've been listening - I highly doubt that - do not under any circumstances play Rogue Spy is my advice to you. Take it or leave it, if you want to know it's very boring.

Or perhaps I'd logged in when everyone else - yes, everyone else - wasn't online. But it is stupid. Because I made two accounts, one Lauren Fox one Guinevere, and guess what, I tried to play some cipher thing where you had to unscramble the letters to figure out a spy-related word. The first letter of the word was highlighted with a yellow box. This was that they gave me:


And you tell me, what kind of word could I possibly spell out based on that? So I tembak-ed. Again, again, and again. On my third try, they said - DUNDUN! You have failed the attempt. The correct word is Ssl. [wth you ask me is that? Guess what, I don't know. 8 (] Since you could not decipher the word, you are caught by the police and will now go to jail.

Or something or other to that effect.

And my character went to jail. Which was why I created a second account to bust it out of jail. But nooo, my second charac had to get caught so I got both of them stuck in jail and after numerous times, I managed to bust myself out.

It was boring. Seriously. Don't play the game or I'll disown you forever. But, no pressure.

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