Sunday, 1 March 2009

Hey, All

Alright not too sure what to write about.

Well, last Thursday Chem teach entered Xian Yao and I into a Chemistry Crossword puzzle without notifying us until the day before since it was Maths/Science week. 2 representatives from each class.

It was quite hard, I tell you, 'cause some of the meanings didn't really make sense (to me) to be related to chemistry in some way. If you didn't understand the above sentence, it means that some of the words were given meanings that somehow caused you to not think about Chemistry. Even more confused? Or maybe I can't phrase it right. Let's give it another shot.

You know how dictionaries give meanings like eg. To mix together, to something something. Yeah like that. Well one of the meanings was, To congeal, to set, to thicken, to clot, to blah blah blah. And I thought, There's no way blood is related to Chemistry. Took me quite a while to figure out that it meant COAGULATE.

Anyway, moving on. We had Chem Friday, and when we went in teach started talking about hudrocarbons--real fun stuff--and the fermentation of alcohol and all that. Then she casually commented that our class had lotsa talented people. And I was like, Really? Who?

Then she smiled in my direction and said, 'There. Our friend got first place for the Chemistry quiz.'

Instinctively I looked back at XY who was sitting two tables back. I mean, there was no way I actually won the thing right. I left 3 blank and was very positive that some of my answers were wrong. No way I won, right?

Apparently I did.

'Then Kuok Ken got second, and Xian Yao got third.' Teach continued. Seriously, I didn't even expect to get it. I was so sure I'd not win that when XY and I went to hand in our papers I asked sort of cheekily, 'Hey, teacher. Do we get consolation prizes?' Well, I like prizes. Sue me.

I don't believe I won. I still don't. I'll wait till they announce it on Monday at assembly and they give me a prize.

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