Saturday, 21 March 2009


Okay. Long time since I've wrote a post. Yeah, well, last Sunday we went to KLCC to take pictures for our class layout. And...yeah, that's it. Oh, did I mention it rained halfway and the LRT station was jam-packed with people lining up to buy tickets?

With the exception of the first pix below the pictures are all in backwards order so it starts from the bottom ok?

Nick & I at the LRT station


Chanti & I


Chanti & Li Yit

B.E.N. --Ben, Ely & Nick : ) Nick's idea.

Erina with Nick in background

Erina & I posing like crap!

Jennifer trying to scare me with her best ghost impression.

Kee Wei, Jennifer & Ben. Montri got sliced by the camera.
Candice, Melinda & Wee Liam in the back.

Same trio diff. pose.
Candice & Melinda meditating. Well, okay. Just Candice.
Now they're both meditating here.

Candice, Melinda, Xian Yao, and Min Yap behind him. Gerald is the eensy-bitsy face caught between C & M.

Jit Sun wanted us to take candid shots instead of poser shots so....
Classic case of two-way shooting. The three-way one didn't work out.
Erina looking so blurr.
Jennifer's choreography. Her attempting to do seducing pose, me attempting to do being-seduced pose. XD
Uh....I have no idea what they are doing.
Okay, crappy shot of the Twin Towers.
Group Pix 1
Front Row from Left:
Hui Sheng, Nick, Dinesh, Jennifer, Jenn Yee, Zhuo Liang with his retarded-looking face :P, Wee Liam, Eng Hoe, Chanti, Phee Yee, Jasmine.
Back Row from Left:
Ming Kang, Gerald partially obscured, Jit Sun, Erina, Me at the Top, Xian Yao, May Wen with a bad hair prob XD, Candice, Melinda, Min Yap, David, Aaron Teh, Hui Xin.
Photographers: Ben, Kee Wei, Vania who tagged along and I forgot the rest. Lemme know who I've left out, yeah.
Same group diff pose. Me still at the top. XD
Cacated picture of Erina & I with Twin Towers as background.
Candice trying to hold up the towers. Didn't work out well though.
Everyone lepak-ing. Bottom Row: Erina, Mel, Candice. Behind them are Jit Sun & Kee Wei.
Erina, Melinda & Candice. Btw if you can't see, Erina is holding up bright pink pills that Jit Sun bought for her. She had bad cramps and needed Panadol but I have no idea what they are exactly.
Moral Teach: Horr, kenapa tidak menjaga maruah diri? Itu dadah ah?
Originally an all-boys shot but Candice wanted to sit in.
Bottom Row from Left:
Candice, Gerald, Jit Sun, Montri, Ming Kang, Nick
Top Row from LEft:
Kee Wei, Wee Liam, Zhuo Liang, David, Aaron Teh, Eng Hoe, Ben, Hui Sheng
Erina: Let's kiss the tree!
Candice: Yes, I want to do the kissing-the-tree photo!
Zhuo Liang: Noooo, do like this! (positions them as above) Okay, can take picture now.
I'm titling it 'PG-13/NC-17'
All Boys shot doing lala pose.
All Boys Shot
All Girls Shot
Bottom Row from Left: Jennifer, Me, Candice, Li Yit
Top Row from Left: Erina, Hui Xin, Jasmine, Chanti, Phee Yee
Jennifer, Aaron & Eng Hoe posing
Vania & Erina looking into each others' eyes...Jennifer knows a secret...
Erina, Me, Jen with her poser attitude & Candice.
Ta-da! The End!

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