Friday, 15 May 2009

Guardian Angel

Footsteps echoed throughout the room. A small flight of stairs led from the corridor down to the living room, a large fire roaring merrily in the fireplace. A spiral staircase descended from the ceiling in one corner of the living room, the same cream colour as the walls. A large couch took centre stage, positioned in front of the fire.

As she came into view, one could see that she was pressing her finger to her right ear, her face contorted in an expression of pain. Sensing something, she stopped short, pulling her hand away as she felt the presence of someone else behind her.

'Are you alright?'

The voice was decidedly male, and it held a tone of concern. She nodded. 'My ears hurt. It's nothing.'

He came closer to her, rested his hand on her shoulder, and squeezed it in a gesture that spoke volumes. 'Rest,' he said simply, pressing gently on her shoulder until she sat down on the couch. At his insistence, she laid down, looking up at him. Then all she saw was darkness as his hand covered her eyes, gently coaxing her to sleep. She could taste the scent of watermelon that always seemed to hang around him, and she smiled, fall into a deep sleep.

When she woke up, he was gone. There was nothing there to prove his presence. Or rather, his existence. She frowned sadly, then she paused, getting only a soft wisp of watermelon, but it was enough for her.

Her imaginary guardian angel was still watching over her. Always watching.

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