Tuesday, 18 August 2009

I'm So Sadistic I Laugh When You Cry

Lou was talking about how she made her teacher cry so I've got one as well. :) Pn Cheong was going through Biology again since she finished the syllabus on Saturday and only 8 out of 41 were present, me included, the only girl. Don't laugh at our attendance. Ixora class only had two.

So crap started in Bio where she went through Variation. There's a bit in the Success reference book where it talks about the grey-coloured moth and the dark-coloured moth, some thingamajig like that. She was talking about it when she suddenly said, 'You all know what a moth is? It turns into a butterfly.'

The whole class were so taken aback (yes, even the sub-science classes; so few attendance meant we'd have to combine classes and so they followed our schedule) that we all shout out, in unison, no hesitation, with one voice: NOOOOOOO!!!!

Then the uproar happened.

'No lah, Pn Cheong! I tell you, the moth is different from the butterfly!'

'The moth is a butterfly! (double wth I tell you) I read somewhere the moth is a stage of the butterfly!'

'No lah teacher. A moth goes through the same stage as a butterfly. See, they both go through pupae and then only they become a moth or a butterfly!' This was Montri.

Then Zhuo Liang or Xian Yao said: OMG lah Pn Cheong! Fail lah! Fail as a Bio teacher!'

Eng Hoe and I were too hysterical with laughter at this. It reminded us of the time where we asked Pn Cheong if we could use fish blood instead of human blood for an experiment (put sample under microscope, see the biconcave shape like in Form 4, Chapter 3) and she replied, the quote of the year: Fish got blood meh?

Pn Cheong immediately began to protest. 'Hai ya, one tiny mistake only what. Even I sometimes can make mistake.'

Xian Yao/Zhuo Liang (again I don't know how; sometimes their personality are too similar when it comes to Pn Cheong): Fail lah teacher.

And so it went on until she came to a part in genetics where she was explaining about how faulty genes can be passed on to children. '...and when they do that thing--'

'Teacher, what thing?' Xian Yao interrupted.

Pn Cheong: Hai ya, you already know what. That thing lah...

XY: Teacher we're not seven year olds lah. Explain what that thing is. How we know what that thing is?

We could see her struggling to find a word that explained it yet didn't sound too sexual in content. Finally she spoke: Intercourse.

Fast-forward till Monday. Like I said, she was going through the last chapters again when she saw Phee Yee and the other girls doing Add Maths. Then she blew up and warned them to get out if they were doing maths in her period. She even went towards at one point in a threatening way. Then she left the lab and came back after a while. Phei Fang later reported that Pn Cheong came back with red eyes and a runny nose, so we assumed she was crying. Quote Phei Fang: Haihz, she just couldn't handle the pressure.

On a more sober note, Erina, Sam and Hui Xin are at home recovering from high fever. Zhuo Liang also had a fever but he's getting better now. Then we heard via PA system that someone in 5 Lili kena H1N1 so the whole class was bundled off home and Mr. Allen said to go home if sick. We were in front with En Amara who was teaching us how architects drew their plans (for Chpt 10 Plan and Elevation) which was completely (okay, maybe mostly) irrelevant to our SPM. He forced us to go to the front so yeah. Then he made a mistake, had to re-do, and we were confused like mad when David came in with the news. Our class is a bit far off from the speaker so we can't hear announcements all that well in class.

All at once, Nicholas Leung and Jit Sun started coughing. 'Ah, sick lah sir, we need to go home now.'

Highlight of the day was when Amara taught Earth As a Sphere and he was doing a question when Melinda noticed he did it wrong and proceeded to ask him and debate with him about his method in front of the whole class, not pausing to give him a moment to interrupt. Saw her true ability as a debater. She even went something like, 'Mr Amara, your method is wrong. Shouldn't it be .......?' and everyone was like shell-shocked. Yes, even Amara himself. Go Mel!

Tim taught me to do CRO and all that so my Physics is much better thanks to him.

Then last period Ming Kang the gentle giant became Ming Kang the giant, period. Zhuo Liang was playing with the bendera we were using for Merdeka Day, and went to tease MK abt some equation (later explained to be MK liking Jennifer who was absent). MK ran at him, wanting to take his water bottle but gave it up. Not one to learn, ZL did the same thing, causing MK to flare up (doing that a lot lately) and take ZL's bottle and moving his arm back to throw it. Unfortunately, it was semi closed, so water came rushing out and hit Hui Sheng who was seated behind MK.

I called Jon over to ask him about something he'd written on the board which I saw. He replied that it was payback for MK scratching a line from his left ear to his jaw. Seems a bit violent, don't you think? The moment MK saw him talking, he came over and strangled Jon. Took a sharp scolding from Jenn Yee before he relented.

Talk about drama.

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