Friday, 21 August 2009

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade. And Poison It.

Bit of a lazy day. Started off decorating the class. Then got bored halfway and did bits and pieces of Chem and Add Maths and Mod Maths. Continued this way till BM where Pn Maziana gave us some study guides and wished us good luck. Recess. After recess we had Sejarah. Bought a Sejarah answer book for RM 4 from Pn Nur Azlina. The whole class was clamouring to buy it. Then we started arranging the tables even though we're supposed to do so during last period. But what the heck, everyone was doing it. Peer pressure, no?

Saw the Merdeka decorations judges from the window. Jit Sun commented how some Form 4 class was so bersemangated they wore cheongsam and whatnot. So Gerald, Rin and I rushed to the window where Sun was perched on the table and we all peered down. So Rin said casually that we should do something like that as well. Sun cheekily answered that Rin could strip for them--she had the curves, and some.

The judges came in. Bit disappointed, really that they didn't really scrutinise the class as we would like. Most likely glanced over the Unity poster Phei Fang and Eng Hoe collaborated over. But never mind. It's done with.

Sat at my table. Now I'm at the very back of the class. A bit annoyed, really, cause I'm so far from the board. But Rin was sitting next to me, and we started gossiping, and Gerald, Sun, Xin, Kee Wei, Eng Hoe (from now on will call him Chris) came around. Benjamin from Dahlia I think came as well and we started yakking. At one point Erina and Jennifer were mock-kissing each other until Benjamin whacked Jen's back, pushing her forward. He didn't succeed though; they only bumped noses. So I've come to love the place. Gerald's just two seats down from Erina and Elaine in front of me, so I'm quite protected. XD.

But the real fun starts at home.

Came home today. Sis was complaining of unwellness so Dad took her to the same clinic I went to before. Came back with report of high fever and sore throat but not the influenza thank God. She had to have 2 fever pills 4 times a day, a sore throat pill and antibodies. The thing is, she can't swallow pills.

So Dad obligingly uses the knife and chops them into little bits before he left for work. I stayed at the table watching my sis eat her meds. She took one, swallowed a glug of water, and promptly spat the whole thing out, water and all. Made a mess on the dining table. I was laughing too hard to breathe. Does the same thing with a small chunk of antibiotic pill. Spat it out five times. You know how you'd onyl take a minimal amount of water to swallow your pills? It took her three full glasses.

So she slept the whole afternoon while I cleared out my file and bookshelf. Was eating tapioca chips to stave away the hunger pangs. Then we had dinner together, and when I told Dad the troubles Sis had swallowing pills, Dad nodded solemnly. 'Do you want me to make the mango ice?' Dad used to blend mango, sirup water and ice together to make some sort of smoothie. Idea was to blend in Sis's meds with the smoothie so she could just eat the whole thing like ice-cream. Sis agreed while I washed out.

In minutes Dad was slicing the mango and cleaning the blender while Sis took out the meds she was required to take. Dad chucked everything inside and we watched as the blender crushed the white and pink pills to bits. Then Dad chucked in the mango, and added some water and ice. He'd omitted the sirup since it had to be made from scratch and he couldn't be bothered.

So when it was ready, Dad poured it out and went and prepared some more mangoes as dessert for me and him while Sis took the cup and sat down at the table with a spoon. She sniffed at it, then took the whole spoon in her mouth and promptly pulled a face of disgust. She stuck out her tongue and announced that it was too bitter. So I went on explaining my rate of reaction theory: When the pill was its original size, it was bitter on the outside 'cause that is the total surface area. But when you crush it, it becomes smaller, total surface area becomes bigger, therefore it is more bitter. All said with a smile, of course.

Sis gave me a look that I will translate as, 'Very funny and go die.' to put it crudely. She kept on pulling a face as she took spoonfuls of it and had to eat some of the mangoes and a Sunkist sweet after.

Told her it was so funny I'd blog about it. Only minutes ago, she'd stuck her head from the door, took one look at the laptop and arched an eyebrow.

'Are you seriously blogging about it?'

I nodded yeah. Her eyebrow was raised further.

'I thought you were joking.'

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