Thursday, 18 February 2010

Let The Spires of Camelot Fall

I realised that I haven't been updating for almost a week now, even when I've got stuff to blog about. So, after being flamed by my cousin, I decided to start typing again. Please note that the activities below are not in chronological order so forgive me if you find yourself having to jump from one day to another.

First off, I have a new dog. His name is Echo, and he is a pure-breed Golden Retriever. Before you start squealing for pictures, let me just say that he is a one-year old dog who is really, really, jumpy, and he's Huge! When he pounces on me, his head is just below my neck. Therefore, it is super duper difficult to even walk in the garden, let alone take a picture of him. He's really frisky, and he will run up the stairs if you let the door open so, please, no. That said, I will try to take a couple of shots of both him and my other dog, Snowy, and I'll most probably put them in Facebook.

Secondly, we had the loveliest day visiting relatives yesterday. Wasn't planning to go anywhere this year but duty calls so...We got up bright and early yesterday, and headed off somewhere (bad with directions, again) to visit my mum's second aunt. Reached there ten thirty, all 3 families (mine, and my mum's two sisters'), and we stayed there till half past twelve. Really boring. Sipped a carton of chrysanthemum (I spelt that right! I think.) and watched Hook on their Astro. Adults were talking and kids were bored. Didn't mean to stay that long since we had to visit the first aunt as well but somehow overstayed.

Then we headed off to TV3 around there (near One Utama) where the first aunt had moved to a few years back. First aunt and daughter lived in a swanky condo that looked like a bloody hotel! Had fond memories of that aunt. She used to work as a promoter for chicken nuggets and stuff like that years ago (when I was still a kid, primary school, maybe?) and since we often went shopping at the Subang Carrefour where she worked, she'd always fry lotsa nuggets and fries for us 5 kids while she and grandma chatted.

So we went into her nice condo (daughter was away playing golf) and we kids fell upon the CNY snacks on the coffee table, right in front of the huge TV with Astro. You know those fried crabmeat things and those crackers that look like seaweed sandwiched between popiah skin? Between us 5 kids and a couple of adults, we finished 2 cans each. Bloody hilarious, since once we finished ours, Aunt brought out another for the adults and we sent the younger cousins to rampas it to our side. Then Aunt brought out a huge bottle of Tropicana orange and we finished that as well. Same for the jug of water (which had to be refilled), and the bowl of Yupi sweets (2 cousins kept tapau-ing). And just as we wondered if we were going to lunch later, Aunt pulls her freezer open, pulls out bags of nuggets and chicken fingers, and starts a huge fry up.

One cousin said this was the best day of her life. I have to agree. Best day of my CNY life, at least.

Third. The day before yesterday, I had a craving for apple pie. Mum refused to make it for me since she was busy making muffins, so I took it on myself. In the end, mum helped with the rolling of the dough and lining of the pan. Looks a bit weird, but it was yummy all the same! :) Then in the afternoon, the lawyers and their 3 brats as well as the grandparents came round. The brats were humongously noisy, and we went for dinner at some restaurant. Not bad, but we also ordered their specialty, which was pork cooked in honey and sesame seeds. Really addictive, I tell you. Sis and I kept eating that.

Halfway through, my two aunts (from the above post) crashed in - they returned from Penang that day. So we all went back to my house (everyone gasped at Echo when we told them he was only a year old) and we cracked open a bottle of Wild Wines Raspberry (sis and I had a glass) and the adults chatted amongst themselves till nine while we kids went upstairs for the AC and started playing card games.

And right now, I should really end here. My Msian Studies reflection journal (waste of time, I tell you) is due on Tuesday, I've got a Bio test next Thursday and I wanna study beforehand as well as do mindmapping for notes, I've got a Physics test next week (dunno when) but I'm screwed because I have no idea what's going on, I've got a Sikhism presentation for Moral Studies (due in March but I wanna finish it), a Naning forum-style presentation on Tuesday, finish my Chem homework for Tuesday, finish my Chem Past Year Qs, search for my undergrad colleges, and a whole lotta other stuff that needs to be done. Needless to say, I'll probably be online till I finish my Reflection Journal.


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