Sunday, 28 February 2010

What A Tangled Web We Weave, When First We Practice To Deceive. Then Again, Practice Makes Perfect

It's been really hot lately, 35 degrees Celsius as reported by the sidebar on my laptop. But luckily in Kuala Lumpur it's been raining ever-so-often in the afternoons till the evening passes. It started raining about twenty minutes back, and it's slowly stopping to a drizzle.

At least it's cool and all, since my place is constantly raining. Have been studying physics and managing to understand (at least a bit) of Projectiles after frantically going through my notes since I've got a test Monday. Have also been studying Biology since I've got a test Wednesday as well. Gosh, lots of stuff to study for.

And it's a bit weird how everything and everyone I know seems to be connected in the weirdest ways possible. For instance, I was just chatting to a pal and I noticed that he had been hugging a pillow at the same time, and it's a bit funny really, since lately I've taken to hugging my pillow around when I'm watching TV or studying. Then this same pal mentioned that he wanted to fix up his hair properly, maybe do a bit of highlights, and it's really something 'cause another pal of mine said yesterday she was planning to do some highlights as well.

It's been really very hot lately and I've taken to tying up my hair at home. Not in school, though. AC there is freezing so badly everyone's filling their bottles with hot water!

And I made Biology rep! Ask me how I did it.

Never mind, I'll tell anyway.

See, Feng was the original Bio rep. But he transferred off to Group A, which we only found out during roll call on Monday. So then I asked the question: Who will be replacing him as Bio rep?

And I seriously wanted to be. Mr Low is genuinely funny and good in his lessons, and I like him. In a student respects teacher sort of way -- nothing funny here, people! Besides, being rep gets you a cert. And it's really useful. People see 'Bio Rep' on your testimonial and they go, 'Hmmm.'

So yeah, I really wanted to be. And unconsciously (The Devious Things Our Minds Plots Up), I launched my plan. Okay, so it wasn't really a plan, it wasn't like I plotted everything out. I just started going around, asking about Feng, then asking about the next Bio rep, then I said it: I wanna be Bio rep lah.

I didn't even have to give a reason why and everyone went, 'Yalah, you should be! Go ahead lah. Good what. You're so responsible!'

And I wanted to say, 'Responsible? Mua?' 'Cause if you knew anything about me, responsible would not be the best word to describe me. It's probably be "Paranoid, Eccentric, and Pedantic."

So, on Wednesday (had to wait 2 agonising days for Bio!), we entered our class, and while chatting, Pav was saying, 'Eh, Ely, you should volunteer for Bio rep lah. You're so responsible!' And my face gave that same expression again. And Shweta came on board and agreed as well. And I was really embarassed and we laughed it off.

Later when Mr Low came in, he made a few announcements and then, 'Okay. Since you all know that Feng has left us, we are now in need of a Bio rep. Any volunteers?'

Then Shweta (I think) said, 'Ely!'

And so I had to raise my hand and volunteer. And then Pav suggested my name right after Mr Low mentioned I was being nominated. Her mind was obviously elsewhere -- studying Bio, perhaps? Since no one objected, I became Bio rep!! Yay!

Second victory: we managed to get Mr Low to postpone bio test from last Thursday to this coming Wednesday. Good news? We get a few more days to study. Bad news? It's on the same week as our Physics test. Go figure.

Lots of things have been happening over the past weekend which have been making me pissed, confused, exasperated and a bit off, though not at the same time. I need to focus on studies alright? But I'm always here if you need me, love.

I'll be stuffing my face with the rbead pudding my mum just made so well.


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