Saturday, 31 July 2010

Happy Birthday

First of all,


Yes, the only reason why I actually cared to sign in and blog today was because it was Emilia Fox's birthday. If you don' know who she is, Google Morgause from Merlin. Seriously, she and Katie McGrath have got such brilliant sibling chemistry together in that show.

As such, it is totally in her honour that I am playing backgammon, a ridiculously difficult game to comprehend unless you go to Youtube and look for MonkeySee videos. (I think so, something about monkeys anyway). It was there that I finally figured out what backgammon was all about and I'm really starting to enjoy it. I've been playing it online since March this year, but only recently I've got the time to actually come online and play it again. Bother my laptop. Something's gone wonky so I have to backspace every now and then to remove my typos.

So it is here that I am eating my dinner, playing backgammon and listening to Madeline Peyroux's Half the Perfect World, which is really good jazz might I say. And I'm having fun. I'm 52 points ahead while my opponent (the computer) is 102. Really, if it weren't for that interview where Emilia said she was good in backgammon, I wouldn't have discovered this cool game. I mean, how many teenagers you know plays backgammon? They probably don't know what it is.

And I won!!

And I've realised that I've not been very sociable lately. Sorry, it's just that things pop up at times. My Chem teacher has postponed class due to an emergency and so we have to replace it at an awkward time (2-4 pm) Really we just want to go home. But what to do? It's chem. And the list for out mentors/academic advisors were out on Friday, so after Bio class at Wisma HELP we walked all the way back to KPD E, speculating as to who would be our mentor. Considering that most of my class wanted to do medicine or dentistry, I was guessing that 99% of the class's mentor would be Chem teacher Ms Kana.

I was spot on.

I didn't really mind. Since I wanted to do either biotechnology or biochemistry (always did like chemistry) - Never medicine, thank God! - I was banking on either Mr Low (bio teacher) or Ms Kana to be our mentor. Because I wasn't interested in engineering at all (there goes the Physics teacher) and it makes absolutely no sense for a Maths teacher to be your advisor when you want to do biotech (Bye, Ms Tan!) it was down to Mr Low or Ms Kana.

Figures, really.

Zhi Sim wanted Mr Low because he was so adorable and approachable, but strangely enough, her name wasn't on the list hence she couldn't find out who her mentor was. Weird. Some people's names were also missing. So far the only one I know whose mentor was not Ms Kana is Chew Yongxian, who plans to take engineering hence Mr Ling (Phy) as his mentor.

Really curious to see who the troublemakers in my class got as their mentor.


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