Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Holidays - Day 3

Well people!

It's Day 3 of my three-weeks mid semester break, and I'm currently bummed out at home, decomposing in front of the computer after trying, very unsuccessfully, to study Physics: Electricity for my after hols test. Why am I studying so hard? You might ask. Well, I like to get things done out of the way, so I can finish my To-Do List in this week and left the rest of the time to do...well, what, exactly, I have no idea, but I think I'll probaby repeat my To-Do List? It's kinda like when you get stuff finished to do your other irrelevant stuff and realised that they were the stuff you've already done?

No making sense? Yeah, me too.

I am incredibly mad at Blogger because I'd just typed out a super nice entry about my week so far and due to some incredibly heart-jerking experience (I accidentally pressed Ctrl and the dash and almost screamed as I watched the page shrink; Ctrl + to enlarge) I accidentally left the page hence nothing is saved.

Anyway, as I was saying before the heart-attack inducing moment, I've got lots of stuff to do: Start another Merlin marathon, for one - Don't ask; it's a holiday ritual - and actually understand what dear Colin Morgan is saying when he does the spells, thanks to this cool website where they have all the translations. Besides, I miss seeing Katie McGrath (Freakdog, anyone? Also called Red Mist) and her chemistry with Emilia Fox, both of whom are utterly adorable! Yes, call me obsessed. But they're hot. And brilliant at acting.

Also, I need to start looking for Universities to apply to so I can start next September right after my A Levels. It's extremely horrible to sift through tons of webpage information that don't really help, not to mention that it's hard to find colleges that offer the course I want done locally but with an overseas degree. Yes, I'm picky, I know.

The only good thing so far is that I now have time to exercise and eat healthy. Seriously, I've devoured a whole plastic carton of both fresh apricots and strawberries over the course of the past couple of days. Alone. Hey, it was lying in the fridge and no one was eating it and I was hungry...

The free time also gives me a chance to properly do laundry the way I like it. Call me domestic, but I actually enjoy folding clothes and stuff. The only requirement is that I fold them the way I like to so that it doesn't crease and all. I'm really OCD on that, and hand washing, and doing things in general.

But now I've got a problem. Ben's leaving for Russia in one month plus time so we're planning a going-away party for him this weekend to coincident with an early birthday thing. The thing is we don't know where to put the venue (preferably somewhere near everyone can go to) and what to get for his birthday. So let me know if you have an idea about it.

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