Friday, 10 September 2010

Moving With The Beat

And yes, due to immense pressure from people I know, I will abide your wishes and update my blog. It's probably going to be done in a few parts, and after you read this, there mayn't be anything left to mention in my email correspondence to the special few. And my memory's so skewed up I'm not going to bother to do stuff chronologically. In fact, I'm actualy referring to my journal to help me fill in the blanks.

Here goes.

The big news is: I'm getting baptized this coming Thursday. On Malaysia Day, which also happens to be my cousin's birthday. Yeah, all us 5 cousins are getting baptised together and our fathers get to dunk us in.

Due to that, we had to go to this Baptismal class I think on the first Saturday of the month. Woke up late, and got so worried about getting there on time to find out that we were the earliest people there. The 2-hour class finished in one hour, minly because we didn't ask questions, and we finished up quickly and went home. Spent the rest of the day in front of the idiot box.

Then, on Friday, we had a biology test later, so I was busy studying in the common room in KE since the labs (my first class was Physics lab) weren't opened yet. After a bit, I went into the girls bathroom at level one to tie my hair up properly, hot day and all. Turned around and grabbed the door knob to realised that the door wouldn't open.


So I started pulling at the stupid knob, cursing, getting severely traumatised and really really panicked. Wonder, really, that I didn't hyperventilate. Called my pal; she's still very far from HELP. And as I finished texting her, suddenly I got a text:

Oi. I'm here at KPD E. Come and get me.

Thank God my sister was there to save the day. I furiously sent off a text: I'm stuck in the toilet. Knob won't open. HELP!!! Started pacing around the cubicles, checking my watch every five seconds.....Why isn't she here yet?

After what seemed like eternity, my sis came and rescued me. I am free! And for the next ten minutes or so, I watched in undeniable pleasure and childish delight as girl after girl walked into the bathroom and get themselves locked in. The fun ended when I had to go to the lab.

Lab was over pretty quick, just a couple of practicals. Then we headed off to Wisma Help for the Bio test. Seems that our classroom had been used as an exam hall, so all the tables and chairs were in that exam hall seating. The moment we entered though, someon started crying for the tables and chairs to be rearranged. "We don't want Mr Low to remember that he gave us a test today," was the reasoning since Mr Low had set our test way back before the hols, "so everyone, let's rearrange the tables. Someone, rub the white board. Afterwards if he see the 'Law Exam' notice on the board he'll remember!"

To me it was pretty stupid. I mean, it's a test, yeah? So what's the big deal? We'll probably need to sit in alternate positions anyway. I ignored them, and sat right in front of the teacher's table. All around me, everyone was bustling into action. People were busy rearranging the furniture, but since we didn't really bother about the arrangements, it ended up with all the furniture being pushed and crowded against the left side of the room, leaving the right extremely empty.

"Hey, Ely. Come lah, move your table!"

Me, indignant. "Why? We're gonn have to move it back later anyway. What if the next class coming in for exam wants to use it?"

"Then we'll rearrange lah!"

Suit yourself. I'm not going anyway. In the end I was overruled and they pushed my table to the side.

No use anyway. Mr Low came in, raised a bemused eyebrow at the oddly skewed arrangement of the class, and with a lot of sarcasm and logic reasoning, managed to "persuade" us - more of politely ordering us - to rearrange the furniture back to the way it was before we had our exam. And then since we'd totally forgotten how the arrangement was, Shean-Woei kept popping over to the next class to give orders on the rearranging.

Hehe. In your face.

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