Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Still Decomposing...

So, third and final week of hols. Next Monday I'm to go back to class, followed by a day off due to Independence Day, and back to class again on Wednesday. Which is, frankly, terrifying, because next Thursday I've got a 20 MCQ test on Electricity for Physics, and on Friday I've got a Bio test, the whole of Topic 3.

And I'm trying to decide on what universities I want to go because we need to hand up our forms before the end of the month, and the only time we can do that is next Monday (30th August). A bit late minute as usual, but hey, we've been on holiday. What to do? Frankly, I think it's really unnecessary, because we can easily get the information directly instead of going through all the hassle of dealing with HELP as the middleman.

Ben's party on Saturday was extremely fun once we got going. At first, it was a bit awkward since I was the only girl there (yeah, all my girlfriends ditched me last minute - more or less) but Ben was extremely attentive to me and so was Chris, who had very graciously stayed by my side to ensure I wasn't too lonely before he had to leave to pick up Tarvinder. Thanks, guys.

But when Ben's pal, Nicholas Kurt arrived, everything seemed a bit brighter. I think that's partly due to his personality; he's got that kind of attitude where he could easily ease the awkwardness I've been feeling. And when we started playing on the piano together and singing, that was when I acually felt fun! And during dinner, he kept regaling my table with tales of teachers back in Taman SEA (incidentally, he's doing Form 6 in my old school) and made us laugh with his impressions. Even Montri, our old classmate currently studying hospitality in KDU and Kurt's so-called twin brother, contributed a bit when he told us the story of being mistaken due to his skin colour (he's half Chinese, half Thai): He went to order char siew fan (roasted BBQ pork rice) and the lady mistook him for a Malay and asked, "Kau boleh makan ke?" (Are you sure you eat that?)

Admittedly, the party was good overall (loved the herb-roasted potatoes and the satay) and the cake was lovely, but there were some low points as well. A pal of mine was acting off during the whole time and for a moment I briefly wondered if I had been the offending party. Later I realised that it wasn't completely my fault (though it was somewhat related to me) but I couldn't help feeling guilty.

Oh, and I got my May/June 2010 results. Not bad, not bad, but I could've done better. During our lunch before Ben's party (with me, Ben and Chris) I was telling them about my results and they were a bit stunned, I think, that I still thought it wasn't good enough. Then dear, dear Ben, who is absolutely the person who knows my character the best despite not really chatting with me much during this whole time, summarised it up in one sentence. "She's never satisfied until she gets full marks lah."

How true is that!

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