Thursday, 30 December 2010

Frostian Phrasing

So my printer is not working, which sucks since I need to print something out.

Uh, as you all know, I need to burn off internship hours at the A Levels Department since I received the scholarship. So when they called, I volunteered two hours on 3rd Jan to help with orientation. Thank God I'm not retaking Physics Unit 1 since there's a seminar for it later on 3rd Jan. Speaking off, I find it a bit odd that we have seminars for Physics but not for Chem or Bio. Just a bit odd.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand - and I'm typing this with my head turned backwards since my sis is nearby and I don't want her to read this and begin any snarky comments. I'm a genius for not making a typo hehe - so I got a call yesterday saying that would we please show up tomorrow at eleven for a pre-orientation-volunteering briefing? Yeah, sure why not.

And it happens.

For the first time in goodness knows how many years, Harimau Malaysia wins 4-2 on aggregate in a football match against Indonesia. It's such a big deal over here that the PM declared tomorrow a public holiday. Yep. Doesn't make much of a difference to me since I am still on holiday, but whatever. The next thing I know, mum's yelling at me to call up HELP to ask since they're not allowed to open on public holidays (something to do with, if you want people to come in and work then you need to pay them and no one likes to suffer a loss).

That's right.

Thus I picked up the phone and called HELP (I actually had the number saved into my phone; that's how many times they've called me for some reason or other), got put through to the A Level's Department and a guy came on the line and yep, I asked my question.

Imagine my glee when they said that, yes, they won't be open tomorrow. So for a split second I thought, this is it! I don't need to go for a meeting! WOOOO!!

Then my elaborate fantasies - where I am suddenly Queen of the World, am leading an army into war, sitting on a golden throne with a crown on my head and a smirk worthy of Morgana on my face - came to an abrupt end a split second later when the guy said that the meeting had been pushed up to 4 pm, today.

Cue a loud, mental WHAT!!!

Genius....what a gushing genius.

Hence I am now dressed up (well, as dressed up a pair of jeans and a blouse looks next to shorts and a KDU T-Shirt, that is) waiting for the clock to tick, tick, tick....

But before I bore you all with the ticking, let me introduce to you my latest fascination *coughobsessioncough* with the latest addition to my "List of Beautiful/Pretty/KickAss Female Actresses/Characters". Now, they're not in any particular order, I'm just ranting them off as I go. Keira Knightley (thank you for the multiple lessons in my faux-British accent!), Katie McGrath (they should expand more on you in Freakdog, dear), Morgana le Fay (I am Queen of Camelot), Emilia Fox (there's something about the way she plays Nikki Alexander that's so utterly funny even when it's a serious situation), Morgause (Our Fearsome Champion), Michelle Ryan (Bionic Woman, need I say more?), and on that note, Nimueh/Jaime Sommers. Emma deLauro/Lara Perkins etc. I bet there's loads more I could mention, but these are my chart-toppers.

Yes, I mentioned Katie and Morgana even though they're the same person (Katie plays Morg) but there are different qualities about each of them that makes me list them individually. Ditto for Emilia/Morgause and Michelle/Nimueh/Jaime.

And now, for the latest addition....

Drumroll please....

Starring in 2011's X Men First Class is.....

The White Queen, Emma Grace Frost!!!

Dude, seriously, if by now you're staring at the screen going HUH? please, please please Google Emma Frost. Really, she's utterly fascinating. Constantly dressed in skimpy white clothing (which I was attracted to - the idea of wearing white all the time, not the skimpy bit) she's a brilliant telepath and she can turn her body into inorganic diamond! How cool is that?

~By the way. That rip off in X-Men Origins: Wolverine? The end part where they all hide behind the blonde girl who shimmers like she's encrusted with diamonds? (though much more tastefully done than Edward Cullen) Yep she's Emma Frost. OK, so maybe I'm just jealous that she gets a cool name, cool powers and is the head of a multibillion company, but I was a bit, "OMG TWILIGHT!!" when I saw the diamond special effects. The actress is pretty, but when I think diamond I imagined her made entirely out of diamond, with the cool planes and sharp features, not Edward Cullen.~

And yep, I actually printed out a 82 page fanfiction just because Emma Frost and Jean Grey were starring in it, and I'm really addicted to characters like Emma.

And Severus Snape.

Ye-ah. People don't buy that, but I do.

It's the attitude. I'm a sucker for smart, intelligent people who are snarky and formerly evil and can insult you in such a eloquent way you're torn between feeling awed by all the big words, or angry at being called an "insufferable know-it-all", or just plain *makes a whistling noise* what did that word mean. Mmhmm it's the attitude.

And the voice. Everytime I read fanfics with Emma in it, I imagine a low, quiet sort of voice that borders on amusement and plain insulting. And Alan Rickman's voice just won me over. Just like how every actor playing Wolverine needs the deep husky-ish voice, all of my formerly-evil-but-sarcastic-Hogwarts-teacher-or-Headmistress-of-Massachusetts-Academy characters must have The Voice. I'm capitalising it. And I have no idea why I keep rooting for the older, learned (read: professor/headmistress) kinds. Hmm.

Blast. Supposed to be doing Stats now. Duh. Half an hour more to go before I need to leave. Joy.

And my exam starts in oh, less than ten days.

Gushingly glad we had this opportunity chat.

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