Saturday, 29 January 2011

Red and Gold

Yay, exams are over!

I am excited for the new semester. I'm gonna study consistently and do well for this sem so I can hopefully get a scholarship and whatnot. People who are reading this blog, feel free to check up on me and put me on a guilt trip if I don't study ok?

Well, I am bored. The first two days after the examinations were over felt like heaven; I was finally free to do whatever I want, including catching up on shows and computer games. Unfortunately, half way through the second day, after downloading so many games and finally deleting them because 1. they were seriously lousy or 2. they couldn't be extracted so I couldn't play them, I finally came to the conclusion that there was more to life than flash games. Besides, after a while, you kinda get bored of the entire thing.

I am a person who needs to work to be productive. After so long, I finally understood what Louise meant. I was tired, sure, due to doing so much and juggling stuff around, esepcially during the exam period, where I had to continuously rearrange my schedule so that I had enough time to study and rest, but there came with it a strange sort of satisfaction that I derived after completing an exam. It sort of feels like, you study extremely hard for a subject, to the point where if anything deviates even slightly from your pattern, you come close to having a panic attack (ask my mother), but when you're actually doing the exam, you feel a sense of completion about you, and when it's over, there's relief and a bit of laughter at the same time. It probably doesn't make much sense to you, but if you've ever experienced something like that before, you'll agree that idle hands are the devil's tools.

Right now it's only the second day of my freedom and I'm already feeling antsy. It's an incredible word, antsy. I like that word, where you're restless the whole day and can't sit still. I'm already making a list of things to do during the one week CNY holidays:

1. Clean the entire house, even if it means sweeping the floors during CNY itself. To hell with tradition and superstition; no one comes to my house anyway, and sweeping, like running or skipping rope non-stop, is extremely cathartic. Of course, the dust mites are another thing altogether, but it's worth it just to see the place sparkling...I suddenly feel so domestic.

2. Make applications to universities and for scholarships. Yes, go ahead, point the finger of accusation at me and go, "PROCRASTINATION!!" It's fine, I totally deserved that. The main reason why I haven't done UCAS so far is because initally, I planned to apply to Ireland/Canada. UK was the furthest thing from my mind before I finally decided to apply for Nottingham, Malaysian campus for Biotechnology. Wish me luck.

3. Buy some new stationery, get ready for the new semester. Make proper notes. Because honestly, my notebook is a mess. I manage to make it look nice and neat, and I ruin the entire thing just because there's some new bit of info that needs to be put in during the last minute.

4. Clean up the study area and get rid of the old books. I honestly do think I have OCD now because I can't study if the table's too messy. I need to reorganise everything (half the study time just flew out of the window) before I can sit down calmly. Again, every time I do that, the same thought runs through my head: I have too much stuff.

5. Actually practice Maths consistently. I'm really worried about getting a bad grade for Maths since it felt entirely difficult while I was doing it. I just hope I don't have to retake it. And really study and understand various concepts so I don't have to rush like I did this sem (and the last one, and the one before that, and the one during SPM).

6. Pick up a curricular activity so those scholarship people can't say I'm booksmart but not streetsmart.

And again, thanks so very much to the friend who got me something he knew I'd like. And for all the effort as well. Again, you shouldn't have. But it was a very, very sweet gesture. I liked the tag too, by the way. And the Aliesan thing? My sis actually thought it was printed out and not written. That was how impressed she was at the handwriting.

Have a good trip back to the hometown, and Happy CNY!

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