Wednesday, 30 March 2011

British Accent

Okay, so there's this fella in my Mech class who's apparently from England (but he's an Indian) and when he speaks, he's got the British accent, but it sounds much more relaxed than the usual crisp accents we see from Keira Knightley for instance (which is where I got my pseudo accent from - not really sure if it's really classified as British or not). Thing is, he keeps pronouncing words with a silent T - like Water becomes WAT-uh, better - BETT-uh, to the point that our Mech lecturer, a youngish fella called Mr Noel started mimicking him every chance he gets, and this brought up a lot of laughs, especially today in class. It's more of a heavy emphasis on the first syllable and they kind of rush through the -er sound. Now, I've tried searching quite a bit, but somehow on every other youtube video of a Brit doing an interview all of them pronounced their Ts, or maybe I didn't pay much attention, but I've personally never heard WAT-uh until my Mech classes this sem. Even Mr Noel and the guy (Javed) were talking about it once when Noel wondered why the actors on Harry Potter kept pronouncing the T sound and Javed replied, "How else would everyone know what we were talking about?" So, Shar, just wondering, do you guys pronounce the T? Or is it just a slang, a more relaxed way of saying stuff? Also, what accent do people in your part of the country England have? I've seen vids of Michelle Ryan and her RP accent, but then Emilia Fox has a "heavier" kind of British accent, Olivia Williams from Dollhouse has that crisp, posh one. Also, what exactly are Hard R words? Since on one episode of Dollhouse Olivia Williams mentioned that she doesn't do hard R words. Been trying to find some info on this but no result so far. Would appreciate some light shed on the matter.

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