Saturday, 2 April 2011

Sweet Dreams

I live in a dream. I've more or less figured out what I want to be, what I want to achieve, but I can never wrap my mind around the pathway I'm supposed to take to get there. So I wait, for the dark to descend, to engulf me, to take me in deeper, to greater heights, until I fall asleep. Then I dream. I dream of knights and swordfights, the only things right now that can fire my blood to the extreme. I've always wanted to be a knight. The glory, the honour, the chivalry. Sometimes I feel as if I'd belong better in that era of blood and metal, than in this world of technology and complicated stuff. I want to feel the rush of magic in my veins, the hum of my blood as I draw out my sword, the intense high that comes with the glory of battle. Then I realise that this can never be. So I go back to sleep. And I dream till the dawn wakes me.

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