Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Where Ice Breaking Is Done With Words and Smiles, Not An Ice Pick

So, dear Jeya, your Edinburgh clock is on my blog. Hope you are well and do not hesitate to correct me if I got the timing of the clock wrong, yes?

I am panicking my arse off now because I was planning to register at Nott on Thursday and move some stuff in afterwards, but now I just found out they have an induction programme on Thursday itself which is just something like "Welcome to Nott, this is ...." that sort of thing, I guess. And I got even more panicked when I found out that registration for my faculty is (yippee) tomorrow. Yeah, so that kind of throws a big monkey wrench into my plans since I'm planning to meet up with Liang (Abby's pal) to get the keys to the house and I don't know how long induction is going to take. Still no idea when they are moving in though.

It's rather annoying since I thought I'd made progress by packing my entire suitcase already. And I've been on the phone the entire day, talking to Nottingham repsresentatives to ask:

How long is the induction programme? Is it necessary? How long will registration take? Can I collect my unconditional offer letter then?

I don't even know what else to ask anymore. My fingertips are flying across the keyboard in a blur, and I'm having to listen to, "Your call is next in line and will be answered by the next available representative. Thank you for your patience."

I'm not patient. I'm rather impulsive. Anyone can testify to that. I'm so jumpy right now my entire self is humming.

What's so irritating is that the phone is glued to my ear for minutes, since I'm being put on hold, and after a while, I get cut off. This happens rather frequently.

So I turn to my wildcards: Liang, Abby and Li Sha. Abby hasn't replied, Li Sha is offline, so I called Liang, and thank God, an angel sent from heaven.

He said he didn't even bother turning up for induction so screw it! And then I'm going to pick the keys up from him and we can move in.

Oh, before i forget, Freshers Week. They're having loads of activities, such as Ice Breaking (free), The Hunt (RM 10), then there is a choice of either clubbing till 3.30 am (fifty plus I think) at MOS or bowling at some centre in Kajang (less than clubbing), then we have Caberet (RM 5 as well), where we can watch performances etc, and finally BBQ/JJ's, JJ's is a bar, btw.

But for the free stuff you can only enter if you get a name tag, sold for RM 3.

Sounds fun, though instead of taking the package deals, I thought I'd go for ice breaking, the hunt, and maybe caberet? I've never been to one of those. But clubbing though, I'm not sure. Lou encourages me to go, simply because, and I quote:

"Well one thing, I think you should go. Not because it's going to be any fun, but because you get to see what people talk about and what they're like when they get drunk. It can be very interesting, but have a trusted buddy with you."

Thank you for the advice, I will consider going.

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Jello Mello said...

The gal in Edinburgh! :)

You got the timing right..I am well..just a lil busy with class tests.. Woosh! Haha...Hope stuff is good with you! How was Freshers week then? I miss you loads girlie! <3 <3