Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Scrambled Eggs

Finally, the lab report for Techniques is done!

One down, one more to go!

Next Monday is a public holiday, so this means I'll be going back to Semenyih probably only on Tuesday morning as I have afternoon classes then. Plant Science coursework being a usual pain in the neck, but I've gotten used to the bite marks and am getting my head in the game by finishing it by today, at the very least. Asyraf says he's going to hand in both his lab report and PS coursework this Friday so I'm quite determined to do the same as well.

I've begun a habit of setting my personal deadlines for every coursework/lab report I'm given, eg if the deadline is 8 Nov, I'm setting my deadline exactly one week earlier. It helps to keep me in check, and besides having extra free time not spent on coursework, it means that I can get them out of the way for something else, and I don't have to scramble around last minute like a bunch of beatened eggs.

Scramble. Eggs. Scrambled eggs. Geddit?

At least I managed to finish my lab report today i.e. on the deadline I set personally since we're supposed to hand it up next Wednesday.


I've finally finished my Plant Science coursework! Of course, I'll still need to do a little bit housekeeping here and there, but the general idea and everything is done! I'll probably go through it once more, get everything down to pat, print it out tomorrow and hand it in on Friday.

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