Monday, 5 December 2011

Broken Pieces, Shattered Glass

Who are you today?
Are you a friend, a foe
Or somewhere in between

Who will you be tomorrow?
Does your mood dictate how you act to me

I may be a festering wound
I may be selfish as can be
But you are the killing frost
That destroys everything around you

There was an instigator
We both know that it wasn't me
You think I hurt you
But I'm hurting more

Broken pieces, shattered glass
Broken peace is shattering fast
Can't go back to what was past
Past as prologue, we can never....

Should I care for you
For old time's sake
Or should I just leave you
To walk away

We are drifting so apart
You seem to think that I was at fault

When I'm not
You brought it up
You made it worse than it was before
Why couldn't you just let it be

What happened to our chemistry
Your moodswings exhaust me
And I can't keep up
Tell me once and for all
Am I still one?

Your type is the type I can't stomach
You treat people based on what they can give
When you thought you had a chance
Man, did you go all out

When you were passed for something else
You turn into an ugly beast
Breaking all the promises you made
I'm disappointed

I may be at fault
But you screw my head on tight
Until I blame myself
When the guilt's not mine

Are you alright?
You answer with a question
You don't look fine
You tell me to let it be
But the festering wound deepens
And the stench of infection is here
The chasm between us deepens
And all I want to hear


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