Thursday, 15 December 2011

I'm So Amused That Even When I'm in Uni, I'm Still Using The Biology Success Book We Used In High School...

Now this is really to the point of madness.

Spent the better part of the entire day trying to go through the entire Vitamin Village exercise. Emphasis on trying and go through and entire. Because really, Vitamin Village is incredibly in depth and it gives out so much info, and instead of PrntScrning everything like my lecturer suggested (I'm not patient enough to press the button, open up Paint, paste it in, save it, repeat process thousands of times) I just copied everything they put onto foolscap, so I can always look it over instead of turning on the laptop whenever I want to study.

Which is a pain, since I never get any work done when the laptop's open (which can also attribute to the fact that it took me from 12 in the afternoon to literally, 6 pm in the evening just to finish the entire Vitamin Village). I procrastinate, and staring at the laptop for 6 hours straight is annoying. It makes you tilt your neck up, unlike reading where you're tilting downwards which is much better on your posture.

Am planning on finishing my coursework (why do I always type it courseowkr?) tonight, come what may, and just get it over with. So now I'm studying my notes, and lo and behold, some of the info (meaning half) from the notes came from Vit Village.

And it took me three hours of going through VitVill to discover that EVERYTHING was on Vit A. That's all. And I just realised, at the end of my Vitamins Notes, there's a slide regarding the online coursework, they said, "MCQ will cover general introduction lecture plus vitamins A, C, D, E and K from the Vitamin Village." What talking you? Only got A lah....mana ada CDEK?

Besides, after studying for Whole Organism Biology that day, my head is still filled with Digestion and Endocrine system. Thank God for Dr Lim's incredibly detailed but so taxing to read notes! Incredibly detailed = more info resulting in = taxing to read. But it was good, it was in depth and everything, and we had a great laugh on Wed when Dennis mentioned he didn't read endocrine system and tembaked the entire thing.

Dennis: OMG everything was on hormones and I didn't read. So I tembak only.
Me: Why didn't read? Endocrine got essay coming out on it for finals. Must read.
Alex: Yeah why no read? Endocrine very important you know.
Dennis: OMG die!

Anyway, I've just finished Vitamins and Minerals coursework and am officially work-free for the hols! Which means I have loads of free time to do whatever I want.

And the coursework was a bit unfair, their marking scheme. Just because I answered A in the B column (even though both answers were applicable) I got the entire thing 0/10. Unfairness aside, it was rather OK, and thank, thank God I went through Vitamin Village, because really, half the questions that came out in VitVill came out for the coursework and I could do them ALLLLLL!!!!!

The funniest part was, they gave us 2 hours to finish it, and at first I figured, Damn, two hours. Do I have enough time for 60 questions? Turns out I had so much time, when I couldn't find a reference in my notes (or when I was too lazy to find) I googled it, went through a few sites, checked Facebook regularly, even went and commented regarding certain techniques to answer the questions. One of Avinesh's pals was laughingly saying that if I could go onto FB whilst doing the coursework, it should be OK for me then!

Only bit I had problem with was when I clicked Save Answer and Next question, the entire thing hang kei-ed and I was freaking out because when I refreshed the page, they said Question 1 cannot be revisited and can't be saved etc etc. So I thank God again that after every question I clicked the Save button. I know people who Save it all one shot at the end but believe me, being safe is definitely better than being sorry!!!

Anyway, it's all in the past. It's been done with, I am free.


I sound like MJ. Lol.

.....I don't know what to do tomorrow. I've been studying for WOB and Nutrition this entire week, now that it's gone and done with, I feel so lost. Like I don't have a purpose in life anymore...

Maybe I should start studying tomorrow.

Damn, I really have no life.

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