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Fanfic Now: Mr.& Mrs. Smith--What's Next? [Part 3]

Continuing from Part 2...


'We're cut off,' Jules said, thinking rasionally. 'The only other option is...' she turned to the screen door. They ran towards the balcony and looked down. 'Will it work?'

Wyatt shrugged, cocking his head to one side. 'Only if you trust me.' He held out his hand. Jules stared at it warily. 'After that little stunt you pulled back there? I don't think so.'

'Look, Electra, this is for our best interests--'

'Our? There is no 'our' in this mission, Andrian,' Jules fumed. 'As the wise man said, "First we try, then we trust." We already tried. And unfortunately, I still don't trust you.'

'Come on, Electra,' Wyatt said impatiently. 'If we don't go now...'

'They'll catch us,' Jules said stubbornly. 'So go ahead. Leave me here. I don't mind at all. Nothing makes me happier. I can get out myself.'

Wyatt scowled. As much as he'd hate to admit it, he was strangely reluctant to leave her behind. He didn't want to leave her there with those goons behind her. What was this strange feeling that kept binding him to her? With a sigh he did something he'd never done before: reaching into his pocket, he took out the Evelyn gem and gave it to her. 'Is this enough to gain your trust?' he said quietly.

Jules took it. 'It'll do for a start,' she kept the gem. Then she took hold of Wyatt's hand. The moment their fingertips touched, an electric shock traveled from him to her, and she blinked. Whoa! Now that was something you don't see everyday. Their eyes locked, and his grip on her hand tightened. In quiet silence, they both climbed over the railing, perching dangerously on the railing. Now they just had to wait for their cue to go...

BAM! The door was opened. Throwing the battering ram aside, Rothbart's security were in the room just in time to see two figures jumping down from the balcony. A couple of them went to answer Rothbart's plea of help while the others rushed to the railing and looked down. The water was murky, and they could see nothing in the fast growing darkness.

'Should we go?' one of the guards said. 'Nah,' his superior said darkly. 'It's too dark. Besides, the tide is high, and the current is strong. They're probably swept by the current to their deaths.' He took one last look before leaving.



Jules struggled to stay afloat in the strong current when she felt someone grab her arm. 'Here,' Wyatt hissed, his wet hair plastered to his head. 'Follow me.' He started swimming with strong strokes, following the current until they arrived at a small, hidden cove several feet from where they jumped. A man was waiting for them there, and he helped Wyatt get to his feet, getting sprayed with droplets of sea water as he did so. 'Gee, Wy, why do you have to get me wet everytime we do this? More importantly, why do I always have to do pickup duty?' His eyes turned wide as Wyatt helped Jules up to her feet. 'And the million dollar question is,' the guy took a proper look at her. 'Who's the babe and what the hell is she doing here?'

Wyatt and Jules exchanged looks. 'Long story,' he decided, eyes still on her. 'Do you have time?'


'So that's how you met her,' the man, whose name turned out to be Seth, chuckled. 'She sounds fiesty.'

Wyatt acknowledged that with a nod of his wine glass. 'She is. Fiestier than anyone I know.' He looked past Seth, caught up in his own thoughts, remembering her witty remarks; the soft, barely noticeable pout when she was tense; the way she'd run her fingers through her hair.

But he loved her eyes the most.

They were big, shiny orbs of blue. Sultry, burning with passion despite the icy demeanor of her expression. Outwardly, she was harsh and defensive, ready to lash out at anyone who insulted her. He felt that she kept to herself, rarely opening up to anyone outside her close knit circle of comfort. But when he looked into her eyes, he sensed that she was just as vulnerable as anyone else, maybe even more. She carried herself well, and her appearance was that of a knowledgeable and mature young lady, but inside she was just a little kid with trust issues, refusing to be hurt any longer no matter what, reminding Wyatt of a phrase his father once said to him, 'Gain their trust, but trust no one.'

He didn't realize that he'd said that out loud.

'Excuse me?' Seth asked, leaning closer. 'What was that?'

'Nothing,' Wyatt said, biting his lip. Seth chuckled. 'You were thinkin' about her, weren't you, Wy?'

He scowled. 'No, I wasn't.'

Seth grinned again. 'Now, you're lying. Hey, Raphael,' this was to the guy who just came in. 'Wyatt's thinking about our visitor!'

'Oh, is he?' Raphael said, putting down Wyatt and Jules' knapsacks on the floor. After Seth picked them up, they were escorted to a pre-booked hotel room a couple of floors beneath Rothbart's suite. Offering Jules the bathroom in the only bedroom, Wyatt showered in the other, smaller bathroom situated in the living space of the suite. Seth started preparing drinks while Raphael went down to retrieve their stuff.

'Here,' Raphael said, giving Wyatt Jules' bag. 'Give it to her. She'll need it when she comes out.'

'Right,' Wyatt took the bag and entered the bedroom. Leaning on the wall beside the bathroom dor, bag at his feet, he rapped the door with his knuckles, the back of his hand facing the door. 'Yeah?' a voice called out from inside.

'It's Wyatt,' he said. 'I've got your bag out here with me.' Pause. 'Are you coming for it?'

'Yeah,' Jules called again. 'Just give me a second.' She came out two minutes later with a bathrobe on. 'Hey,' she said. Wyatt nodded. 'Hey.' Silence. Then he passed her the bag. 'When you're done, we've got dinner waiting for you.' One last look, then he left the room, closing the door behind him, leaving Jules curious.

'So?' Seth demanded as Wyatt entered the living room. 'What did you say to her?'

'Nothing much,' Wyatt made his way to the fridge. 'What are we having for dinner?'

Seth's gaze faltered. 'Uh, Rafe?'

Rafe shrugged. 'Up to you. I'll call room service. What do you want? Seth?'

'Filet mignon,' Seth said smugly. 'With mixed vegetables and a dab of potatoes at the side.' Rafe nodded. 'Wyatt?'

'Steak au poivre,' he replied immediately. 'With fennel, green beans and herb-roasted potatoes. Steak medium well.'

'And I'll take the salmon,' Rafe concluded. 'What about the girl?'

Wyatt looked up. 'Electra?' he thought a while. 'She'll take the same as mine.'

Seth rubbed his hands in glee. 'And wine?'

'Red,' Wyatt continued. 'Two bottles is more than enough.' He turned to Rafe. 'Go ahead and order. She'll be out soon.'

'Aye aye, Captain,' Rafe nodded and gave a two finger salute before calling Reception with their order.

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