Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Tales of Meridya by the Bard, Pelainus [Part 1]

Once upon a time, there exists the land of Meridya, ruled by the Princesire, Tadhg, and his wife, the Queen Saoirse--yes, yes I'm using the 'Medieval Story' characs--who were fair and just to all their subjects. Tadhg's father, Lucan, had died in battle against Rothar, the King of Delwyn, who'd barely survive the War of the Sovereigns. Even so, Rothar was determined to conquer Meridya as a present for his eldest son, Peridan, but Tadhg's army were so skilled that Rothar never managed to commit much destruction.

Then, in Rothar's fiftieth year, when his son Peridan was twenty and five, Rothar's first grandson was born, and they named him Kirby Evandar Peridanson. At the age of four, Kirby was shown to have great skill in swordplay and archery, and have many a time bested others at his skills. Convinced that his grandson's abilities signified his great power, Rothar gathered his sons, including Peridan, and his army, and attacked Meridya.

Alas, that year was a peaceful one for Tadhg and the Meridyans, considering that it was the birthyear of Tadhg's princess, Vanora Firestar, born only several weeks earlier, and the people expected no harm. Therefore the attack upon them were shocking, and many fled the land to safety. Tadhg and Saoirse were killed in battle, but Vanora, who survived, was given to Tadhg's brother, Teinn, and was forever exiled from Meridya.

Immediately after, Peridan and his family moved into the former Princesire's castle, where they lived. Coincidentally, Kirby was given the same room in which the Princess Vanora had, but no one thought much of it.

On the other hand, the moment Teinn realized they were exiled, he escaped into the only safe haven the family had left--Elder Forest, and he raised the child Vanora as his own in the clearing by the river, known to all as Woodland's Crush. Changing the princess' name to Brynn, he taught her etiqutte and maners, palace terms, archery and swordplay, hopeful that maybe, one day, the princess can claim her throne again. Although uncle and niece were exiled, many of their loyal serfs left their places to serve Brynn, and they became her Forest Guards, proclaiming her as the Lady of Woodland's Crush, where they all set camp.

In Brynn's eighth year, Rothar, angered at how many of the Meridyans chose to defy his orders in their loyalty for Tadhg's exiled family, decided to head to Elder Forest to flush out the outlaws. In a ferocious battle, Rothar was killed, and so was Teinn. To avenge her uncle's passing, Brynn took with her a small band of the Forest Guards whom she trusted utmostly, amongst them Oarin son of Jaont the blacksmith, Rhaecus the centaur, and Yenril the archer, to raid the castle for provisions and money.

While everyone else was busy looting, Brynn felt a curious feeling to see her old room. Entering the chamber that was once hers, she saw a boy sleeping in her room. Gripped by a sudden feeling of hate for the person who threw her family into exile, she was ready to shoot an arrow at the sleeping form which was Kirby when he woke up and saw her face clearly by the light from the moon behind her. She couldn't hold back an audible gasp when she noticed that he was only older than her by mere years.

It was strange. She was younger than him, and her bow was strung, with an arrow pointed at his heart, yet Kirby felt that she wasn't here to kill him. His eyes flickered to hers, and he saw something in them that made them shine, not with anger or hate, but with a feeling of loneliness and abandon. And of longing.

She was getting ready to kill the boy, who was obviously a son of Peridan, and she gritted her teeth in longing for the death of her foe. But he continued to look at her, and gave a soft smile. There was nothing patronizing about it, yet she was instantly ashamed for even thinking of killing anyone in such a way.

It was only a brief instant, but he noted--and commited to memory--the whole scene: moonlight behind her, seemingly making an aura around her red hair. He memorized everything about her, from the exact shade of her blue eyes to the shield-pendant that hung around her neck. It was silver, and there was a picture of a stag on it. Kirby blinked, and the girl was gone. He sat up abruptly, getting onto his feet as he ran towards the balcony where hence she entered his room. Looking down, he saw the girl, arrow still affixed, talking and walking with a centaur and several others. Except for the centaur and the girl, they were all carrying small bags filled with gold.

On impulse, Brynn turned and looked up behind her. The boy was up, he saw them with bags from Peridan's treasury. And yet...he did nothing to raise the alarm, as though he wanted them to leave without getting caught. Rhaecus saw where she was looking, and laid a hand on her shoulder. 'That, Brynn, is Evandar, eldest son of Peridan, and yet from what they said about him, he is nothing like his grandfather, Rothar.'

Brynn was confused. 'I was just about to kill him, Rhaecus,' she said softly. 'But I couldn't.'

'That's good,' Rhaecus said soothingly. 'He is not your enemy, Brynn. He never was one of them.'

Looking at Evandar [Kirby] again, Brynn finally drew her arm back, and shot an arrow at him. The arrow hit the balcony, and Kirby picked it up. It was made from the elder tree, and he turned to Brynn again, and he watched as they left, carrying bags of loot with them.

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