Saturday, 21 June 2008

The Helix Assignment [Part 2]

Edmund Darcy chuckled as he lowered the binoculars. Consulting the Omega Planet Orange on his right wrist, he smiled in anticipation of what he was about to do next.

Dropping lightly from the window ledge that he was standing on, Edmund put away the binoculars and took out a pair of glasses instead. He had on a business suit, complete with tie and shoes, making him look like a member of the corporate field. Now he confidently entered the art gallery, looking like one of those learned people in the works of da Vinci and Rembrandt, whose paintings were amongst the many others on show at the gallery tonight.

He got past security without any difficulty. Of course, when you have the ability to telekinetically choke someone to death, you hardly need a weapon. Once inside, Edmund made his way into the main office of the gallery, which held what he was really after.

Jovan Petrovich's files.

The twenty-one year old man sneered, and stepped forward to claim his prize when he stopped short, his danger sense going into overdrive. He straightened up, placed his hands into his pocket calmly, and spoke.

'We meet again.'

'We have to stop meeting like this.' Normally this sentence would bring up images of secret rendezvouses, but in this particular case, it brought with it merely a hint of sarcasm and biting annoyance.

Elsa glared at Edmund Darcy, flanked by Joye and Aqua. 'Step away from the files, Darcy,' she ordered sharply. 'Don't make me angry.'

Edmund flashed another charming smile. 'Honestly, I feel your pain. But I can't leave without the files.' His voice hardened. 'So give them to me. Or I'll take them myself. Either way, I'll have them.' He flicked a finger, and the files telekinetically flew to his waiting fingers.

'Go to hell,' Aqua muttered. She immediately conjured a jet of water, which she directed at Edmund's head. He held up a hand, and the water dispersed into the air. Aqua's eyes widened in surprise as she was thrown backwards into her friends. All three crashed into the large painting hanging on the wall, setting off the alarm.

Edmund gave them another smile, before jumping out of the window. Elsa scrambled to her feet. 'Damn!' she swore. 'I'll get him yet.' She followed suit, jumping out of the window, feeling the catch of the air as she focused on her powers of flight, hovering. 'I'll see if I can cut him off,' she called to Joye and Aqua. 'You guys control the situation.' Without wairting for an answer, she flew off into the night sky.

'"You guys control the situation,"' Joye mimicked Elsa's tone. It was pretty obvious that she wasn't very happy with the arrangements. 'Why can't we go after Darcy? Why do we always have to pick up the pieces?' Unspoken was, why does Elsa get to the boss around here?

Aqua sighed, hearing the silent question. 'It's because Elsa's the eldest and she's been living with Uncle Ben the longest,' she said gently. Joye snorted. 'So what? Don't you watch Mutant X or X-Men? Don't you ever notice that even though Storm and Brennan Mulwray weren't the first to join the team they were the leaders?'

Aqua was about to reply when they heard the unmistakable sound of hurried footsteps nearing the room. 'Oh, hell.'

Elsa stopped onto a rooftop as she caught her breath. Edmund Darcy might have been a ---censored--- but he was PDQ. [That's Pretty Damn Quick, if you dunno] She then decided to use her telepathy to lock in on him.

Closing her eyes, she concentrated on Darcy's image, allowing her mind to sweep and touch the minds of the many citizens of NY. After fifteen minutes she gave it up. No matter how long she focused, Elsa couldn't get a lock onto him. Besides, it was getting late. Sighing, she took one look at the night sky. 'Oh, hell.'

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