Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Heroes Look Out!

Ok guys so today studied about XY and XX chromosomes in Bio. Then I told a joke that went like this.

'If it's XX, it's a girl. If it's XY, it's a boy.' Pause. 'If it's YY, it's an alien.'

Then Elaine chimed in. 'Hey, why dun we make it like there are ppl born with YY chromosomes and they are actually ppl with powers? But since they're neither XX or XY we'll make it like they had a defect or something.'

So guys, I need help. I need a title for the story [Please, don't give me crap stuff like The Double-Y Mutants or whatever]. I also need a bunch of nice superpowers. Cool ones ok.

So far I got dibs. My charac is Lauren 'Pierce' Knight, telekinetic and telempathic. All the characs are in high school, and they live in an underground cave-like house thing, with a really cool jet that comes out from the water.

So help please.

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