Tuesday, 24 June 2008

The Helix Assignment [Part 3]

Lauren Knight, aka Pierce, threw the basketball into the air. It fell through the hoop cleanly without a sound. She glanced around her. The day was fading, it was almost twilight, but she still had on her Ruby Iridium x-Metal Oakleys, her custom made sunglasses that had red tinted lenses on them. She grabbed the ball as it bounced back to her and threw it again without aiming. Another clean shot.

She knew she had a talent for sports.

Well, as long as they weren't what Pierce liked to call girly-girly...okay, let's just put it as not male-dominated sports. She liked baseball and softball--heck, she was on the freakin' varsity team. Besides, that was a good way to get rid of your anger issues. Throw the freaking ball and hope you hit someone with it!

She loved football [what Americans called 'soccer'--so she was British. Sue her!]. Back in Hounslow she was right winger and striker for the team. She even like throwing balls into hoops. [Basketball to you people out there.] To put it short, if there was any sport involving running, kicking a ball or throwing it, Pierce is your sporty girl at a glance.

But put her in a netball or volleyball team, and you'd be dead before you hit the floor.


See, Pierce was...different. She wasn't like 99% of the population. In fact, she was probably one of the rare few people in the world who could give you one hell of a migraine mixed with the after effects of a hangover while you try your hardest to hide behind the chest of drawers to avoid being hit by anymore furniture.

Yes, that's right. You heard me. Pierce is a telempath/telekinetic all rolled into one. As much as she'll categorily deny it however, she's not above using her powers for her advantages. Okay, you're probably bored now so back to the story.

Then Pierce stopped short and smiled as a wave of emotion overtook her. Looking across the now darkening street, she watched as the Golden trio from school came past. Joye Chezelle, Elsa Moonstone, and Aqua Ryan Summers. They seemed to be in deep conversation, talking in hushed whispers as they headed back to the house they lived with their Uncle Ben.

Pierce inhaled. Elsa was definitely worried about something. Something about a man who stole some papers. Aqua was peacemaker, as usual, while Joye...well, Pierce smiled. She could use her to her benefits. Joye was already disgruntled about the fact Elsa was the alpha of the pack. A few more pushes of the right buttons, and she'd have them eating out of her hand.

As though sensing her gaze on them, Elsa swung around sharply, eyes pointing straight at Pierce. Nonchalantly, Pierce cocked her head to her left, and gave a nod, a curt sharp one, even bowing a little as she'd been taught to. All in all she felt Elsa probing into her mind. It was no use, however. A telempath like her could fend off a telepath like Elsa with no problem at all.

Just to make it clear, however, that she didn't encourage trespassers, Pierce's eyes turned black under the shield of her sunglasses as she entered Elsa's dreamscape in her mind, imagining her getting a mild electric shock.

The effects were immediate. Elsa gave a little jump as though she'd actually been shocked. Giving one last suspiscious look at Pierce, she walked away.

Pierce gave a soft smile, and disappeared under the cover of the darkness.

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