Friday, 16 January 2009


I don't know if you know how to pronounce this word or not, but Glor and I pronounce it 'club--ism.' She coined it today, quite an interesting day as it was.

You see, today it was the co-curriculum (actually, the word doesn't even exist. It's just curriculum, no co) registration day, and everyone had slips of paper on which they'd written their names, particulars and their club/badan beruniform of choice.

So Gloria, Chiau Hui and I were in my classroom, which was really crowded, and we were talking when all of a sudden, two Form 4s came into my class, and informed me that Pn. Doreen, my English teach. had asked me to write a 200-word report on the Registration Day, due Wednesday. Yes, yes, did I forget to mention that I'm on the Editorial Board?

Well, it was cool but scary, 'cause you see, the writing part's a snap. It's the "make a boring event sound not boring" part that's much difficult. I can write well, but how am I supposed to turn a boring article (one that I myself even skipped over in the Samudra - that's the SMK Taman SEA's school magazine) into an article that will, at the very least, capture the attention of the what- the whole school?

Was mulling over that when Glor and I walked up to 5 Mawar to register for Christian Fellowship (CF). Then as we were walking down the stairs, Glor and I started talking about the whole thing.

Me: Hey you know, CF very crowded lah! But I think out of the many people that sign up, only half of them turn up in the end. Same like scouts and KRS. I think many people join CF coz they wanna get marks since, you know lah, CF gives lotsa GERKO marks and all that. Sure a lot of people wanna join Leo and Interact Club and stay away from the not-so-popular clubs.

Glor: Yalorr, that's like...Clubism!

So that's how the whole thing got started.

Anyway, after we left 5 Mawar, we went to the canteen to sign up for scouts, after which we went back to class and brought our bags down 'cause after that we had our Annual House Meeting. At first it was in 6 Atas Teratai, but we couldn't find the class and spent fifteen minutes or so walking past the KRS registration classroom which was on the ground floor of the block 6AT was supposed to be. So we hung around the KRS, laughing with Xin Wei and Tim, the only two people I know quite well there. Glor was surprised to find out that Tim played volleyball.

Then when I finally found the 6AT class, I dumped my bag there and lepak a bit. When I went back up, was so freaked out to find that I was all alone in the class. So I grabbed my bags and started climbing down the stairs. Was almost late for the meeting. Seems like they'd moved it to 5 Angsana. *bites back a groan of annoyance* Anyway, nothing much at the meeting. Didn't vote for anyone 'cause I don't know how capable they are and frankly, I couldn't care less. Besides, it was hot and stuffy. So I just hung around till the bell rang and I went back, trying to figure out my report.

And here I'm waiting, listening to Kenny G (of all things) trying to find inspiration while I wait for Lou (my oh so brilliant bestie) to finish her dinner (she's in the EdBoard in Catholic as well) and give me a call, yeah?

And I'm so bored that I'm multi-tasking: checking my Facebook (which I've not gone to in ages - only go in, like, once a year?), reading Pride&Prejudice fanfiction, blogging. And I've just realized that the laptop clock is slow by one hour, so I went and changed it.

Tomorrow I'm going to school though it's Saturday 'cause of the CNY replacement. The next replacement is on Valentine's Day. Thankfully, Pn Doreen is going to be there for Double Period English and hopefully I'll be able to finish a rough draft and show it to her to see if it fits or not.

Besides, I really need to work on my story. NOC is currently on hiatus until my brain-dead brain is able to connect the dots on how DR meets CP, and how SC and LK gets to Russia and all that bit. Mind you, I've already got all the plots planned out; the transition from brain to laptop, however, takes much more work than that 'cause of the amunt of research you gotta do just to make sure it's all right, that everything's leading up to the grand finale, and all that.

Girls Night Out is another story I'm planning to post about quite soon. Hopefully I can figure out the whole thing. Another one I'm trying to revive is Murder on Campus, which I started last year with Candice and Elaine during one of our particularly deviant moments.

It's about this counsellor/psychiatrist, Adel von Gideon, who's contacted by the police when her students are murdered one by one on the Harlan Academy campus. The first victim, Carly Davidson, was killed in one of the most deviant ways you can imagine: her roommate found her decapitated and multilated body stuffed inside a washing machine when the poor girl was trying to do laundry at night.

The next victim was found lying on the sidewalk, her head crushed in. Everyone thought it was either and accident or a suicide, but when lab results showed she was intoxicated, everyone starts to think that it was homicide and that the two murders are connected somehow.

Foul play is, naturally, suspected, and several leads turn up, bringing to light a secret society that's been around for almost as long as the school, which includes Juliette Keynes, the young but brilliant fencing champion at Harlan Academy who seems to know more than she lets on.

The police and academy staff are trying to figure out the whole deal, but when the murderer outwits them at every turn, Adel and the cops, Greene and Mercer, starts to shove back. It's absolutely but brilliantly dark, and the ending is such a brilliant one.

Yep, gotta go now. Kenny G is being replaced by Vanessa Mae, and gotta get ready to call Lou later for the assignment help.


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