Saturday, 3 January 2009

Girls Night Out [Part 2]

Mina Josef sipped her drink tentatively. The bright red concoction was something she'd never deign to try before. Sure, she was almost 23, but being a chemist working for a pharmaceutical company just didn't fill one's life with enough Oomph that potential boyfriends looked for. It resulted in Mina becoming what people might describe as 'homely'. Had it were not for Mina's group of very loud, party-crazy group of friends, Mina would certainly have never step foot inside a nightclub.

'What's this called again, Piper?'

Piper Langley chuckled. 'It's called,' she leaned in closer, and whispered something in Mina's ear that made her blush. Gwen Seams, their other friend, laughed at the expression on Mina's face. 'What did you tell her, Piper?'

'Just the name of a drink,' Piper shrugged nonchalantly. Mina was still blushing, biting her lip anxiously.

'And here comes the lady of the night, Miss Lauren Knightley!'

Lou grinned delightedly as she dragged Elle towards the trio. Dressed in a light blue tank top and jeans, Elle's sophisticated look was complemented by the tan leather jacket she had slung over her shoulder. What amazed the rest of the girls were the wedges on her feet.

'!' Piper cried out. 'Elle is wearing heels! And look, no glasses!'

'Of course,' Elle nodded gravely as she took a seat and placed her red one-shouldered messenger bag on the seat next to her. 'I'm sure it's a perfectly good reason to celebrate.'

'She's right,' Lou acknowledged, completely missing the sarcasm. 'All thanks to her wardrobe manager, Louisa deRossi!'

Gwen applauded. 'Very nice, Lou! I'd offer you a job with me if you weren't working here.' She took a sip of her drink. Dressed to impress in a red halter-neck top, a black leather skirt and sunglasses propped in her hair, Gwen looked every inch the professional stylist for the stars that she was.

Piper, on the other hand, was running the club's music system in a sleeveless collared shirt, paired with a plaid scarf wrapped stylishly around her neck - with help from Gwen, of course - and a fedora sitting sideways on her head. The studded belt on her jeans added to the DJ look Piper portrayed.

'Thanks for helping out, Pi,' Elle shouted over the music as Piper danced around the DJ music booth, which was conveniently situated close to the girls' usual seat.

Piper saluted. 'No problemo, boss.'

Lou flopped down on the chair next to Mina. 'Hello, Mina. How is work at the pharmacy? Are they still making you slave over drugs and chemicals?'

'No..' Mina replied shyly. 'They're very nice actually.'

Lou laughed gaily. 'Of course they are.' She caught sight of Mina's abandoned drink. 'Hey, Mina. Why aren't you drinking your Cosmo?'

Mina blinked. 'Cosmo?' Her gaze immediately shifted to Piper, who was turning away. Lou nodded. 'Yeah. Cosmopolitan.'

'You sure about that?'

'Yes.' Lou seemed amused; somehow she had an idea she knew what was going on. Piper was hiding her laughter poorly while Elle and Gwen looked bemused.

With a quick flash, Mina jumped into the DJ booth by climbing onto the cushioned seats, alarming many people, including her friends, as she started pummeling Piper, who was laughing too hard to notice. Gwen and Elle exchanged looks, and Gwen spoke. 'Piper?' she asked, seeking clarification.

Piper just shook her head, laughing harder.

'Piper, what did you tell her the drink was?' Elle asked calmly, her steely gaze even more prominent without the obscurity of her glasses. Piper just kept on laughing, trying to dodge Mina's fists as she jumped around the DJ booth.

'Piper!' Gwen and Lou yelled together just as she started playing Pink's So What. 'What did you tell her the drink was?'

Another gale of laughter, then Piper spoke.

'Sex on the beach.'

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