Friday, 30 January 2009

Steamboat Hurray....

Today went to eat steamboat at Chiau Hui's house. Brought some crabmeat, cabbage and chicken balls. Literally one minute after I entered the house we went out again to let Louise in, who was quite peeved she wasn't the first. (smirks) Then we watched a little tv while raiding CH's DVD collection while waiting for the Qin Kum Xiu Che, Miss Gloria Chan, who was running late.

Then Glor arrived and CH taught us how to play Chor Dai Di (dunno how to spell, my Cantonese is crappy) and we were playing the second game when CH's mom asks if we wanna eat yet. We were ready to leave the cards there but someone (I think it was Glor or CH) said, 'Haiyo, we put the vege and all that in, must wait for it to cook right? So while it's cooking we play lah!' All said in Chinese. So we figured, what the heck.

Only we never got to play the game while waiting (and Lou had such nice cards too!) coz we, well, I was busy relating stories to everyone. Somehow I've got plenty of stories for every topic they were talking about. Told them about the Sexual Harasser and Glor offered to thump him for me if the guy was in Scouts. (Unfortunately not!) Then Louise told how she got a stalker after she broke up from Anselm and how this stalker asked her parents to be his godparents (they're Catholics) even though they barely knew each other!

So we started at 11.00 and ended around 2.45 pm. Finished two cans of Revive myself, then we went out to play Chor Dai Di again. Won the first two games and everyone got so mm song they started to pakat against me! We played till four and Lou had to dash off. Fifteen minutes later Glor's mom and dad came to pick her up and I suggested to CH that we walk Glor to her car and all that. CH then joked that we do that to receive ang pow from Glor's mom. Surprisingly Glor's mom really gave us Ang pow wei!~

Went home after that. Ate dinner. Typing at comp. Tomorrow gotta go out and see my aunt and uncle (the lawyers) and their three brats. Gonna post another Girls Night Out chapter for you, okay?


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