Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Story of Life

Hello, all.

Fasten your seatbelts for the inane story of my life.

With the Christmas cheer in the air, I'm feeling a lot more charitable than I usually am. It's just the little things though, like letting my sister play a game on the laptop after she's tired of studying for her exam, not to mention that I felt guilty for hogging the laptop for the better part of most day and needed to take a break from the radiation that was attacking my tired eyes anyway.

However, I'm starting to feel bored. I can summarise my time spent online with several links: Ashwinder, youtube, tv.com, wikipedia, fanfiction.net and of course, my blog which links me to other people. I'm not very outgoing (although I am, apparently, social) but I'm starting to have cabin fever. And it's very frustrating. So the only way to occupy my time is to work on my story which I have yet to find a proper title for.

Again, it's very frustrating, but I'm making some progress with it. Instead of jumping into it headlong like I used to do, as in putting my characters in the story as though they've been doing this for years, I've decided to use a more natural approach, where they start out together, go through the same courses and training and stuff. There would probably be a lot of cat-fights but there might not. It's just a thought.

Another reason for my frustration is the fact that I don't get to see the friends I want to talk to online. They'll come on a while and then log off, leaving me with a feeling of unsatisfaction. Those who come online are people who can't keep up with me, which is because I use a lot of non sequiturs (which I just recently realised).

Word of the Day: Non sequitur
Meaning: A statement (as a response) that does not follow logically from or is not clearly related to anything previously said.
In Other Words: Random.

Which is weird because I never thought of myself as being random. And besides I've got a touch of OCD, I think. Again, I've recently discovered how bad it was (seems like I've got too much time on my hands to discover stuff about me I knew but never put much thought into about) when I bought a new pencil box and realised that I had too much junk to place everything inside.

So my sis very helpfully commented, 'That should teach you to remove all your junk from your old pencil box. See, my pencil box so empty,' she waved a hand at her own. Which, I had to admit, had nothing more than 3 pens inside. I was impressed, but the effect was spoiled when she grinned cheekily. 'Haha, it's only like this cause the rest of my stuff is on the table.' One look at the table and I cowered at the number of pens and mechanical pencils scattered around. And she complains about my junk.

Since she was so "knowledgable" about stuff like these, I asked her advice on what to put into my new pencil box (yes, I'm lame that way), which turned into me picking out what I wanted and her criticising my choices. After I finished, she waved a hand. 'Then dump everything inside lah.'

I was horrified. 'Cannot! First must put the sharpener on the left side. Then put in the pens and pencils I don't use much, and on top that the ones I use a lot..'

She rolled her eyes. 'What's the point of the "pens and pencils you don't use much" then?'

I stared at her. 'Just in case.'

She gave me another eye roll.

See, I even need to categorise where to place my stationery in my pencil box! I'm that nuts!


On a lighter note, I was talking to my sis about this friend of mine who had texted me saying that he was slowly dying because he liked this girl, who he was getting closer to everyday but he knows he can't have her. My initial reaction was, Drama-nya! When I told my sis, who is an expert at scathing remarks (and I thought I was good, same level lah really, just diff way we express it) 'You should go tell him, I hope you die faster then!' Dunno if you get the joke but it was hilarious when she said it.

Oh, one more thing. In our biology paper 1 for SPM, there was this question where they gave use a picture of a certain stage in cell division and they asked us which stage was it: Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase or Telophase. It made quite an impact because it was so unclear no one could tell what it was.

Clearly it was still in everybody's mind when we came for our Chem tuition (ref last coupla posts). Mrs Foo was telling us about carbon compounds. It had this sub chapter where they were talking about coagulation of latex. So she drew out the diagram, which consisted of a large circle surrounded by negative ions (electrons) and inside the large circle (the latex) she drew several strands of lines all jumbled up together to signify the latex molecules. All of a sudden, some fella shouted, 'Teacher! Prophase!' The whole class burst into laughter.

Only after this class did I realise how Bio, Chem and Physics were tied together. To begin with, in Physics there are 3 gas laws: Boyle's Law, Charles' Law and Pressure Law. The general formula for this is PV/T. P for Pressure, V for Volume and T for Temperature in Kelvin.

For Boyle's Law, I remembered it by saying, Boyle has a fever, which means Temperature is constant, thus the equation is only PV. For Charles' Law, I said, Charles is under pressure, so you remove P from the equation and you get V/T. The last one left is, naturally, Pressure law.

So in chem class, Mrs Foo was telling us about rate of reaction. Then she went through all the experiments, how Ror increases when total surface area increases, stuff like that. One of it was pressure. When pressure increases, Ror increases. So Hui Yee asked if there was an experiment for that. Mrs Foo answered No, it's just in case they asked for structural. Then we've got our answers ready.

At this moment, the same guy said, 'Teacher, this one got experiment lah!'

Mrs Foo looked taken aback. 'What experiment?'

'Boyle's Law.'


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