Sunday, 6 December 2009

Venting and Tuition

I'm not in a good mood today so let me vent without judging.

I hate people online who add me as a friend without even speaking to me. Don't quite understand? Let me give you a hint. I came online today and after weeks of eschewing Facebook, I finally logged in. Noticing the 2 new friend request on the sidebar I clicked on it to check it out. Two pictures came out and I felt like screaming.

The two people who just added me? They're not my friends at all. Yes, I understand we shouldn't judge and all that, that we must be friends with everyone, but seriously, these two people are two of the many schoolmates I've known by name only since Form 1 and have barely spoken ten sentences to them. Then, all of a sudden, they show up for a friend request.

I'm sorry if I'm breaking someone's heart but I get annoyed because I don't even know them. It irks me, really, that these people take stuff like friendship so lightly. Isn't it supposed to be some sacred bond? Now it seems like the "Add ___ As Your Friend" button is for people who think that, Yeah, we've been in the same school for years, I know who she is, that automatically makes her my friend.

A loud, resounding No is my answer.

You might think I'm thinking too much, reading too much in some harmless gesture, and maybe I am, but my mind can't stop analysing and criticising everything I come across. And so I will now take it one step further.

I will push the 'Ignore All' button that will clear my Facebook profile from all those annoying notices. Yes, including the two not-friends request, 1 group invitation, 6 page fan requests, and 100 applications.

It's done.

On a lighter note, we had our Chemistry tuition yesterday. It was from 10 am to 4 pm and it was long, but I managed to stay fresh, unlike certain people who had to chew gum to stay awake. (hehe, Wendy, that's you.)(No, Lou, it's not our Wendy, this is Wendy from BU4)

Was the first person to arrive. Was actually really scared I'd get there late cause Mrs Foo was combining both her Tuesday and Wednesday classes and I wanted to get a good seat. It was held in our Physics tuition class so I took my normal place.

Had a good start. She used two hours to go through Form 4 work, and there was a bit where she got a bit confused or something when she came to Salts, I think, cause she made a mistake.

Mrs Foo: Now, Zinc. Yellow when hot, white when cold. What about Lead?

It was brown when hot and yellow when cold, which was what the class was yelling. Maybe it was a bit of foot-in-mouth disease due to large number of students, but Mrs Foo said:

'Lead is brown when yellow.'

So the whole class, predictably, started laughing. Then it was nearing 12 o' clock, which was the time she let us off for a one and a half hours lunch break, when she asked us if there were any questions. Behind me, Elaine was murmuring,

'When we can go for lunch?'

So yeah, in the end we weren't sure where to lunch, so we followed the rest of the class down the stairs before we decided. Elaine and I talked about calling delivery, but she said she didn't want to eat McD. She told us of a newly-opened A&W instead, so we made our way there.

Initially it was me, Montri, Ben, Candice, Elaine and Wendy who were going, but TiMi and Kai Hsiang (did I spell his name right? And yes it's TiMi = Tim and Michelle) were a bit lost as to where to lunch so they tagged along. C, E and W got caught up in some clothes shop we walked past and went in. We weren't sure whether to wait for them or not but like Tim said, 'Like the pirates, whoever stays behind gets left behind!' we left them there and went on to A&W.

Bit hazy with directions but the A&W is in SS2 (duh!) and it's about the same row as the Tai Thong Dim Sum restaurant, opposite Eu Yan Sang. We went into A&W and were debating whether to order set or ala carte when Ben said, 'Order ala carte. I added it up, it's much cheaper than the set.' But I wanted to see what the others were eating so I turned around and asked TiMi and KH. 'Are you guys eating ala carte cause that's what we're having.'

Tim went, 'Huh? Ala carte? What's that?' Then his gf gave a lecture on him about how ala carte was just the item without the set and doesn't he know that? Apparently he's never heard of it before.

Then C, E and W joined us, but C and E said they didn't want to eat fast food so they'll walk around to find something else. Fine, then. Went ahead to order. Swung around to find that TiMi and KH had left as well. Montri was laughing.

'They left cause they no money!' I raised my eyebrow. Montri explained. 'Timothy opened his wallet and showed us he had no money!'

'Ask the gf pay for him lah,' I commented. Montri and Ben were laughing. 'She didn't bring money also. Wanted him to pay.'


So in the end it was just me, Montri, Ben and Wendy. And Wendy told us about the time the school called her dad up because she missed the Physics SPM test. Her dad ran frantically into her room and asked if she skipped the test. Turns out that she wanted to drop it but they didn't allow her to, so her HM suggested that she just not attend the test. Weird thing was, the school only called her dad after Paper 1 was over.

So we went back to tuition to find Elaine and Candice (who returned later) to be eating McD. Apparently they went to the market and all they sold there were raw fish and stuff so they had to revert back to McD.

Anyway, was feeling so tired after the whole tuition yesterday but at least it was productive.


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