Saturday, 12 December 2009

Twelve, Twelve, Two Oh Oh Nine!!

Well, hello.

Alright, just downloaded Internet Explorer 8 so there's a mite change in my computer format and stuff (not that you can see it anyway) and it takes a bit getting used to (no flames from you Mozilla Firefox and such people).

What day is today?

It's my birthday! (Strangely enough, I keep pronouncing it like burf-day instead of birthday).

Yes, well, we went to eat Prosperity burger. Dunno if I'm very sheltered or something, which I think I am, but ever since the Prosperity burger came out ages ago (I think a few years back) I never got the chance to eat it. Yeah, I can hear you people out there saying I sangat outdate punya. Anyway, Mum's always like it so I thought, yeah, worth a try.

Looked at the set - gotta love those curly fries. A bit salty but they're oh-so-yummy. Then I unwrapped the burger and I raised my eyebrow at the excessive amount of black-pepper sauce. 'They very rich ah?' I asked my sis. She shrugged and continued eating.

So I took a bite and Whoosh! Spicy! Excessive pepper. I like black pepper and all but this is really a bit too much. Okay, I don't really like black pepper. I can handle it if it's just a tiny sprinkle but this is just too much lah. Kept inhaling Pepsi down my throat.

We went to Secret Recipe and got some cake for me. Sis had the Chocolate Strawberry while I got the Chocolate Indulgence (2 layers white choc one layer dark) but it's still in the fridge. Gonna eat it tonight and watch Mentalist.

Patrick Jane rocks. Naming my future son after him. Patrick, I mean. Not Jane, heaven forbid.

Well, I'm going off to do some stuffs so I'll leave this here, yeah?


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candice said...

hope you had an awesome day today. Happy Birthday Ely!!!! love ya!