Friday, 26 March 2010

I Don't Really Care About Saving People's Lives; I Just Want To Cut Them Up.

A very long time has passed since my last post, and I do apologise for not updating sooner. But A Levels has been really hectic, what with projects and mocks tests, and I've also made a promise to not go online during weekdays. Exams - as in the real, Edexcel External Exams - are just around the corner - end of May - and I seriously need to study my ass off if I'm planning on getting a good, strong, solid A. Redundant, but you get the gist.

This whole week was fun. I guess. Biology was cancelled for the whole week (which was conveniently replaced during the first few weeks of class) and the whole class was overjoyed. Hence we had a few extra hours of free time.

On Wednesday, we had Chem, and Kana entered the class to find that Mark was rummaging through Yundzir and Ronnie's bag. So being the no-nonsense chem teacher that she was, Kana proceeded to ask him what the heck he was doing, in fairly polite terms.

Mark replied: 'Oh, he borrowed my chem notes and haven't returned them.'

Cue Kana's turn to bring out her "Don't Share Chem Notes" policy again. 'That is why I don't believe in "sharing is caring." You lend your notes to your friends, they lose it, in the end it's you that is going to suffer.'

Mark continues rummaging to no positive effect, so he settles for borrowing a pal's notes to photocopy. As he was about to leave, Kana called him back.

'Mark,' she began. 'I have the feeling that you consider me to be trash.' Mark's eyes widened, and he frantically began shaking his head. Kana ignored him and continued with her lecture, twenty something pairs of eyes watching the scene. 'Because I found your notes in the bin. The dust bin,' she clarified, as Mark and the twenty students (yours truly included) blinked at this. Mark's notes. In the dust bin. Add them together and what you get?

Recipe for disaster.

'In fact, one of my senior students who found the notes got so upset because he appreciates me so much and took it very badly.' Kana continued the guilt trip. Mark laughed sheepishly. 'Maybe it's still in the bin. Go check.'

So Mark turned and started out the door when he bumps into Yundzir who had borrowed the notes. Mark went, 'Hey, they found my notes in the bin in the lab.'

Yundzir: Bin? What bin?

Mark: The dust bin.

Yundzir: (wide-eyed) Seriously?

So Mark dashed out of Block E, into Block D, ran up a few flights of stairs (or he took the lift - dunno which one), went through the lab and rummaged it. Well, not that we were with him, but we used our imaginations as a substitute.

He came back about ten minutes later without success. Kana looks at him expectantly, and he shook his head. Then the fun began. He took one step back to his place, and Kana goes, 'Oops.' And the whole class burst into laughter (yes, even Mark) as Kana took out his notes from her folder. 'Oops,' she went again, before handing his notes back to him, but paused halfway as she checked his homework. Found out that Yundzir had copied Mark's homework, and launched into another tirade on how examiners figured out who cheated in exams.

Thursday. Had the Sikhism presentation. Spent the day with Jian Haw, who reminds me a little bit of Merlin actually, don't know why. His personality, perhaps? Since we didn't have biology, we got to the Moral Studies classroom about one hour early (amidst Jian's protests that there would be the cleaning crew around who'd be cleaning the rooms) and I started practicing my presentation. Then I got bored and sat at the back with Jian and we had this discussion about how mean I was and that switched to accents (where Jian refused to do his so-called cacated indian accent for me) and then the Cleaning Staff came in and started emptying out the baskets. And Jian kept saying 'I told you so' and I had to appease him by acknowledging that he was right.

Later people started filling the class and Ee Lyn came and hung out with us. Warned Ee Lyn that I would be asking questions during my pres so she'd better pay attention to me. Then Jian interrupted with a statement that I was scary and Ee Lyn agreed. Needless to say, I was basically agreeing to whatever they were saying since I was busy texting people.

Then during my presentation I kinda botched it up a bit by reading, well, referring a lot to the slides even though I've got notes in my hand since I simply didn't want to look down at them, and I was practically leaning against the table and speaking to them. Then I noticed a couple of people not paying attention so I called them out: Daniel Chew! Tell me the 5Ks of Sikhism.

He told me later that he wanted to chuck his pal's phone (which he had been looking at when I called him out) at my head but resisted. Then I called out Ee Lyn to answer the same questions, and I distinctly saw her curse at me before she answered my question and I got the class to give her a round of applause.

Shock number 2 was when Ivory was presenting, and I got a bit annoyed that people weren't listening, so I just yelled (okay, called) to the class and basically told them in polite terms to respect Ivory a bit while she was talking, yeah? Ivory glanced at me, muttered under her breath 'Thanks' heavy in sarcasm while the whole class sat up to hear her speak. No prob, Ivory. Just helping out.

Jian later said I was really scary which was why the whole class was paying attention. I'm not that bad, am I?