Thursday, 21 April 2011

Electric Charges in the Air Makes Me Fizzle

It's been ages since I've actually taken a good look at my blog.

One thing I notice is that every single time I come in, there are always a lot of comments on my chatbox. All are spam, with the exception of Shareen, who even noticed the number of random people on my chatbox. Yes, people, spam lives, but it's quite an ego boost, particularly for someone like me who doesn't really post much stuff, to have people comment and say stuff like, "This is a really good blog!"

Oh, who am I kidding? This blog is three-quarters to the compost pile.

On another note, my printer has been working up quite a tantrum lately. See, I stick the USB into the laptop, try to print and lo and behold, paper goes in, gets jammed halfway, only comes back out when I hit the OFF button on the printer. Since a few of those messages that popped out seemed to imply something was wrong with my ink cartridges, dad got some new ones instead. Hopefully when I stick them in everything will be A OK and it'll be up and running soon.

I like electricity. There's something quite cool about being all Brennan Mulwray and throwing a tesla coil at people. Of course, this was way before I saw the Sorcerer's Apprentice and immediately decided that electricity was one hell of a power. Of course, not to be done in water but well...

Plot wise, not bad, particularly liked the technobabble by Monsieur Nicolas Cage "...comes from the electricity in your nervous system." Hmm, maybe that's why Brennan grabbed his gut when he was hit by whatshisname. Confused? There's an episode where this mutant could send out waves of pain. For telepath Frank, the pain hit him and he was clutching his head (telepathy being a mental thing). When it hit Brennan, he was clutching his gut, so word has it that his electrical ability originates from there. Like what Nicolas said, "From the nervous system."

I really disliked the main character and his whinny voice though. Ten year old Dave is better than 20 year old Dave. And anyone besides me that thinks the female lead is like a blonde Bella Swan?

Anyway, mocks are next week, so gotta study. When I'm done with that, I'm gonna finish Kim Harrison's entire Hollows series. It's an incredibly good read, I promise.

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