Friday, 24 June 2011

You Know You've Not Visited Your Blog In Quite A While When You Forget The Password To Log In.

It's true what they say: the only time you actually write your blog is when the exams are coming. That's the time to spam on about how much you've studied (or not), what happened during the exam, blah blah blah.

Well, C4 was alright. I didn't have as much trouble with this as I had with C3 last semester (and I got a C to prove it) but at least this time I actually more or less can figure out what they're asking me.

Biology was horrible. Everyone complained that "there was no time to think!" and it's true. You get the fresh, clean scientific article and....your mind goes blank, just like the fresh copy. It took me quite some time to riffle through the entire thing just to find what I was looking for.

(Dear God! How annoying can it get when you open a tab to check your mail, click on the first link to open it, come back to it five minutes later to see that it's still hang-kei-ing at that same main page.)

Anyway, for those not taking Physics, congratulations! Today is officially the last day of exams! So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye to dear Edexcel! For my friends who are taking Physics (like me, rather), we will persevere and defeat Newton, Keppler, Hertzsprung-Russell (though I do think that they were actually two men, not one) and we will ace this examination!!

Well, I hope. Keep your fingers crossed, people!

I'm not really sure if I'm even allowed to talk about the Chem paper today. I mean, I already took it, I suspect with the time difference the English people took it, but I honestly have no idea about the rest of you. So, all I'm gonna say on the subject was that for me, it was a bit tough, and I regretted not studying more on certain topics. There. That'll pass the censor boards. (Which reminds me of my English teacher from secondary school talking about imagery, I think it was, and stuff like how a pair of scissors can be used to demonstrate censorship.)

Anyway, when Physics is over, I'm going to start reading the Hollows by Kim Harrison again (aka the Rachel Morgan series). It's a really cool series, and it starts off with, how, thanks to genetic modification, a virus strain that infected a tomato. The supernatural beings - vampires, witches, pixies etc only suffered from a slight cold and stuff, but humans died out thanks to the virus. When it came to light that the supernatural beings were now more or less equal to the human population, they started mingling with the humans, though there is quite some mistrust between the two species. And since all this started with GM foods, they killed off the scientists and destroyed shipments of drugs in case something like that happened again.

It's a very interesting topic for someone like me who's planning to do biotech (GM foods, anyone?) and it combines science (just a little bit) with my favourite supernatural magic power genre. The best part of all is when humans are so fearful of tomatoes, they stopped eating it, hence tomato-based foods like pizza and spaghetti are shunned even though the tomatoes are perfectly alright and virus-free. It's incredibly funny when Rachel (witch), Ivy (vampire) and Glenn (human) go to Piscary's for dinner, and they serve pizza, and Glenn's horrified at the sight of the pizza. "It's got tomatoes in it!"

And I'm trying to see if I can get the entire series in hardcover cause reading it on PDF is quite a strain. Seriously, I prefer flipping the pages of a book than scrolling. And don't even talk to me about trying to print it out. I did that once, right after my dad installed the new ink cartridge. I got so horrified at the number of pages I stopped printing about halfway, and the ink levels dropped to half. And I didn't even finish printing.

Which is why I'm looking to buy the books instead. But dude, MPH sells them from RM 29.90 (reasonable enough) up to RM 86.90 (crap!). Yeah, you and me both.

So people, hint hint, if you're trying to get me something, either this or Merlin Season 3, original (hopefully) or not original (still OK I suppose) will do. Thank you all in advance.

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