Friday, 1 July 2011

Musings Over A Cuppa

I am extremely pissed at Blogger.

My oh-so-inspirational tea post was only saved with the first two paragraphs intact - the rest are missing. So I really can't bring myself to write it all down again. If this incident happens again, I swear I'll move to Livejournal instead.

On a lighter note, a few people might have noticed that I went to collect my 1119 cert on Wednesday. Well, I'd originally planned on wearing one of my button down long sleeve shirts cause it was so hot lately. I'd even planned to wear my gladiator sandals as well. But then....

It rained.

Talk about raining on your parade, literally.

And it got so cold and jammed I was half worried we wouldn't get to Taman Sea in time because I planned to get my cert, hand it to my dad, and spend some time hanging around the school (since it was RKA day) and wait for Chiau Hui's mum to get her report card so she could clear off and come for lunch with us.

By the time I got to Taman Sea it was almost 9.45 am. Good, I was still on schedule since we arranged to meet at 9.50 am, the time when Chiau's class had their recess. Ran in the rain to the entrance, walked up the walkway past the prefects who were busy chorusing, "Good Morning." Past the poor fellow Scout who was busy opening the gates (in the rain, might I add) for the cars to enter the school. Honestly, every time something like this occurs, it's our Scouts that get assigned the grunt work. Made my way past the tables and stone chairs, past the group of Green House people who were sheltering underneath due to the rain. Laughed at them cause I didn't need to go for House Practice anymore, ho ho ho.

Rushed up the teachers' staircase (which I use every chance I get since only teachers were allowed to use it, but screw it. I am a returning alum!) Visited the facilities and raised a curious eyebrow at the barrel of what-looked-like-oily-dirty-water right outside. Entered said facilities and saw the "Please Flush to Maintain Cleanliness" signs inside every cubicle. Sniggered when some of the said cubicles were missing the handles to flush the toilets. Despaired at the sight of the toilets and wondered where did all our money go? Raised an eyebrow at the new faucet heads.

Then I walked out and who should I see coming towards me but Mr Chris! I think he was just coming out of the office, so we made our way there and got our cert. A couple of teachers entered and asked us to donate blood (yes, they do a blood donation drive every year on this day). Met the same teacher (I think) who had given me my SPM cert in March; she commented that I looked so different. Do I?

So we got our certs, then he accompanied me all the way back down past "Good Morning" prefects, and I ran all the way to the car and threw my cert in through the window and went back up the walkway to another chorus of "Good Morning." Saw some Green house people pushing each other under a stream of rainwater that was leaking from a hole in the roof and tsked. Kids these days.

Went up to Chiau's class, met her halfway there, so we relocated to the canteen and had a great jaw of a time there with dear Elaine. Had some really meaningful convos then. Afterwards, Elaine had to go for her presentation and so we left for the hall, where I * ahem, ahem* managed to convince the dear Mr Chris to donate blood. He was grimacing when they stuck the needle in. We have pictures, oh yes, even a recording, but he doesn't want it published so it's not on FB. Good blackmailing material huh? Just kidding.

After that we met Vincent there and the boys had a chat. Then we basically toured the school waiting for Chiau's mum to come over and pick up the report card. There was a funny incident where we were both chatting with our favourite teacher, the Chem teacher, for several minutes, and after she left to her office, Chris and I glanced at each other and said, "What's her name ah?"

We started throwing out names until Chris gave it up and went to ask said teacher and we were so sheepish when he came back and said, "Her name is Pn Liew." Well, we can't remember OK? One and a half year we've not met her.

After that we went to makan at Teapot Cafe which was really nice, the atmosphere and everything. Food also not bad. And the decor was lovely. The only embarassing point was when they mistakening place a teapot in front of us (which we didn't order - it belonged to the next table - but we thought it was some complementary thing) and we all took turns to sniff at the lovely smell of apple crumble tea.

Gosh, we need to try that next time.

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