Monday, 16 January 2012

Examination Woes

Things happened and we can't turn back time, so let's foccus on the present and ignore the rest.

The present, meaning the examinations, of course. Techniques is tomorrow, and I'm feeling a bit lax with my studying just because there isn't much to study for Techniques. Past years are being a big pain but I'm just waiting until Wednesday comes, then I'm home free - literally - and can study for Biochem at home.

It's a bit funny, having housemates. On one hand, you tend to think they are your friends, which is true to a certain degree considering you're all living under the same roof and all so you kind of gotta make friends. But on the other hand, you guys have nothing much in common besides the fact that you go to the same uni and live in the same house. So sometimes you have no idea what to say to them and you've lost all ideas for conversation starters.

I'm not saying I don't have good housemates; au contraire, they're really rather OK. But it's a bit of misconception, calling them Housemates when you spend most of your time there stuck in your own room.

Anyway, one of my favourite movies if V for Vendetta. Simple because of the loveliest scene in the movie: Valerie's letter.

Techniques grew to an even bigger pain when I found out that Germplasm conservation (a question that has been coming out every year) is not in our notes. Turns out Peter Alderson was supposed to lecture on this but never did. Read through it briefly but am firm on not doing that particular question. It's already so last minute I doubt I'd have time to study it properly.

Out of all the people I want to find, it's that I want to know the most. It's just the thought of whether someone like that could possibly be walking around on the other side of the world. It's getting so exhausting to try and pretend and deny myself and I don't want that. I'd imagine that it was all real, you know. Pretend that life as I imagine existed, even for a moment. The sort of dream you never want to wake up from just because, no matter how bleak that dream is, it's the closest thing you can ever have to having.

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