Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Cause of Madness

I find it somewhat amusing when people write things on a public networking site and expect me not to find out about it. There's always the tone of surprise when they realise I know. Why on earth is it so surprising? I simply don't get it sometimes.

Revelation after revelation keeps on surfacing, I can't quite keep up, but I'm making progress. The most surprising one was a bit on the amusing side. I'm sorry but it really was. The way it came about, the circumstances surrounding it. Honestly I'm such a sadist. I'm such a sadist I'm actually laughing at people's misfortunes. I would apologise, but it will not change or alter my opinion on the subject.

It was a bit interesting, really, because when I first found out about it, I had the sort of feeling that it would be the other road that would be taken. Then again, I've been wrong before regarding this. Clearly, it's not my forte, nor do I want it to be. There seems to be so much more than that in life.

Funny how I'm always the one that seems to be in the way. In this context, my name have almost always been used to incite the green-eyed monster. I honestly don't get how some people can be so unsure, of themselves, of their place in life. Granted, I'm probably one of the latter, but this topic that we're on, doesn't its existence already prove that you have nothing to fear from me? Why are you still feeling that it's not safe yet? Could it be that you don't really have a certain five-letter word that is imperative to most (the topic that we're on)? Or maybe you're of the school that says, "I trust you. I don't trust the other person." In which case, I have nothing to say to that. Rest assured that no move will be made on my part to somehow break the happiness that arose due to the union of two souls. You may think I'm lying. Well, if I were in your place, maybe I'd think the same too. In truth, I have no reason to lie, but I really don't care if you believe me or not.

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