Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Perils of Note-Taking: Beware!

It just struck me that I don't have any notebooks for university.

This is because all notes are given in the form of Powerpoint slides.

Which I dislike, because while it does allow me the freedom to not do anymore note-taking, it's annoyingly irritating because several lectures like to waste five slides or more on a step-by-step method. Don't understand? What I mean is, people who use one slide for an equation, the next slide for step one of that equation, the third slide for step 2 of the equation, and so on. So you're basically getting a six-slide page and the slide with all the required information is the last one on the page. Wasting paper, ink and money, because we need to pay about 18 cents per page, double-sided printing.

By extension, the lack of note-writing leads to the increased lifetime of my G1 0.5 gel pens, which I just adore watching run across the, page, but now...let's just say that slides don't agree with us.

People might say that, "Hey, slides are cool. We save time on re-writing notes, we save pen ink, stationery money, trees etc etc." Dude, by the end of class, our entire handout is so scribbled on, we HAVE to rewrite our notes. And I don't like the idea of just reading from slides because they don't usually give that much info. It's akin to reading a really cool story, and just when the climax is about to unravel_____

The book ends.

A bit cutting through water vapour, don't you think?

You don't say?

Seriously, anyone that doesn't get the cutting water vapour sentence is totally not Malaysian.

P.S. Genetics notes are suffering from Scribbled-Over-Disorder (SOD). Yea, it's a SOD alright. I'm gonna have to rewrite them. So much for saving trees.

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candice said...

Water vapour. Yes, I don't get it. You british freak going to a british uni! :D