Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Entering A Fortress

I was meant to find it.

I was meant to find the words you said, it was planned that way.

It's sad, though, how words are intangible

Yet they cause irreparable damage

Words try again to fix it

But you can't repair intangible things

Hurt keeps hurting

Time keeps moving

Not everything can be healed

This is removed, this is deleted

It's not as easy as hitting System Restore

Sad that it took anger to break it

Sad that it took time to realise

Sad that it was all thrown away

By pain and hurt and all the rest

Even if it starts over

Even if the pain stops hurting

It will take more than that

So much more than that

For the opening of a door

It may open

But there will be fences

And guard dogs and barbed wire

There will be walls and glass

A whole platoon within the compound

Metal detectors, giant spotlights

An escort every second of the way

Stand three feet away, that's the closest distance

Apology accepted, the dictator in my head

Sends you out on your merry way again

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